Disney Princess Which Disney Princess Group Song is the best? Counted door comments, not percentages

Pick one:
Heigh Ho -The Dwarfs (Snow White)
Washing Song - The Dwarfs (Snow White)
Silly Song -The Dwarfs (Snow White)
The Work Song -The Mice (Cinderella)
One Gift -Chorus (Aurora)
Daughters of Triton -Ariel's Sisters
Fathoms Below -Humans (Ariel)
Gaston -Le Fou and people (Belle)
Be our Guest - Lumiere, Mrs Potts, and Chorus
Human Again -Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, Coghtsworth,
Viginia Company -John Smith and chorus
Steady as Breaking Drum -Pocahontas' people
Mine, Mine, Mine -Radcliff people
Savages -Poachontas and John's people
Honor to Us -Mulan's family and people
I'll Make a Man of u -Shang and soldiers
A Girl Worth Fighting Forth- Mulan and soldiers
Truth to Your hart-, hart -98 degree (Mulan)
When We are Human -Tiana, Naveen and Louis
I've Got a Dream -Pug Thugs, Rapunzel and Eugene
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