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princecatcher93 posted on Mar 13, 2014 at 01:06AM
I got this idea from nmdis on the DP club and I thought it may thought it would be nice to have it here.

This is how this game works:

I will ask a question about the user,for example..

Me:Do you have any pets?

Then the one who sees that will answer the question and add his/her own question..

User1: Yes,i have a dog named Spikes. :)
What's your Favorite Disney Movie

Then the next person will answer his/hers question and add another one again...

First Question : Who is your favorite Singer?

Credit: missdada15 and nmdis.

Disney 10 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden CRaZy_rawR said…
I love so many.. I would say Ellie Goulding is my favorite singer. :3

Do (did) you get good grades at school?
een jaar geleden princecatcher93 said…
I'm in between I'm a straight B and C student

What's your Favorite Disney movie?
een jaar geleden CRaZy_rawR said…
Well, it used to be HoND, but I am really growing on Atlantis even more <3

Do you know any foreign language?
een jaar geleden fahmad27 said…
I only know high school Spanish and basic Arabic.

What is your favorite color?
een jaar geleden MJ_Fan_4Life007 said…

Who's your favorite Disney Character?
een jaar geleden ace2000 said…

Who's your favorite Disney animal?
een jaar geleden glelsey said…
After many, many years of being indecisive I think I've finally settled on Judy Hopps!

What's your favourite non-Disney movie?
een jaar geleden ace2000 said…
Probably the Sound of Music :)

What was/is your favorite school subject?
een jaar geleden owleyes1316 said…
Probably math. I don't really enjoy any school subjects, but it's definitely my best one.

What's your favorite thing to in your spare time?
een jaar geleden k03remi said…
I like watching moveis. I used to watch Aladdin.

What is your favorite song that used Disney movie?? I like "I see the light", by the way.