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de keuze van de fan: Tiana's seconde wedding dress
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de keuze van de fan: Me!
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Mongoose09 zei …
Does anyone else get frustrated when Disney fans (outside of Fanpop) argue about what the Princess lineup is? If I'm reading an artikel of taking a kwis there'll always be commentaren saying "where's Esmeralda?" "where's Hercules?" etc. In this recent one there was meer than one person annoyed that the auteur didn't include Hans in the Prince lineup... but Anna & Elsa aren't even in the lineup so why would Hans be. Also he's a villain! it'd be Kristoff not Hans in the lineup anyway. geplaatst ·19 uren geleden
Mongoose09 commentaar gegeven…
So many just don't understand that u don't have to be royalty to be considered Disney royalty, and just because you're royalty (Simba) it doesn't mean you're in the lineup. I know it's trivial, I just needed to rant lol. ·19 uren geleden
Sparklefairy375 commentaar gegeven…
I've seen that too in various sites (mostly on youtube, fb, and instagram) and sometimes I get annoyed to read their commentaren complaining about that. Also when people zei Pocahontas and Mulan doesn't deserve the lineup just because they're not an actual princess. *facepalm* ·19 uren geleden
wavesurf commentaar gegeven…
Bleh. The IMDB.com boards, before the mods took them down, were full of the stuff u are describing. Certain parts of the internet aren't fit for human consumption. I sometimes remember that I came here to avoid the worst of the Disney fan extremists. ·17 uren geleden
KataraLover zei …
I just got back from The Incredibles 2 and here is what I have to say about it:

Uhhh..... I... I can't believe it.... They.... They did it... They actually did it! They made an amazing film that was actually worth the fourteen-year wait. Plus, all of the family members get a pretty much equal amount of time devoted to them, unlike in the original where it was mostly about Bob. The animatie is great, the action scenes are incredible, the characters are awesome *continues to type in comments* geplaatst ·4 dagen geleden
KataraLover commentaar gegeven…
violet and Edna are the best parts of the movie as always, we get to see meer relationship connections between the family, it's hilarious, and is actually better than the original. This was just what I needed after hearing the horrible possibility that Ariel in the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid might be played door Zendaya, who I can't stand and think is a horrendous actress. I could NOT accept one of my least favoriete actresses playing one of my favoriete fictional characters in a remake of one of my favoriete movies. But I digress! The Incredibles 2 is just incredible (Bad pun intended). It even does something that no other Pixar film has done yet *SPOILER ALERT* we finally have a Pixar villain that is a female and she's a lot of fun *END OF SPOILERS*. Go check it out for yourselves! It's incredible! ·4 dagen geleden
mrcodegeass commentaar gegeven…
I'm glad u loved it. ·3 dagen geleden
mhs1025 commentaar gegeven…
I'm glad u liked it! In order for me to see it, though, I may have to see the original again. :P It's been a long time since I've seen that one. But I can't wait to check out the sequel. ·2 dagen geleden
PrueFever zei …
EXCLUSIVE: Disney Considering Actors Of Color For The Live-Action LITTLE MERMAID.
Our bron close to the production has informed us that Disney is looking at people of color for various roles including Ariel, Eric, and Triton. A name that Disney at one point had interest in is Keke Palmer, however it is not known if Disney had any form of discussions with Palmer of if it was merely interest. Another name floating around the studio is indeed Zendaya. geplaatst ·5 dagen geleden
PrueFever commentaar gegeven…
We do know that Ariana Grande which is a populair name amongst many fan casts, is not being considered at the moment. It should be noted that Disney is considering a bunch of actors for various roles, so whether of not they go with POC, one thing is certain, we will start hearing some news very soon! Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda will team up to stel samen the muziek for the film, as well as add new songs to the film. Mary Poppins Returns director Rob Marshall is set to helm the film, from a script door Jane Goldman (X-Men: Days Of Future Past). Production on The Little Mermaid is expected to take place in Puerto Rico and Cape Town Africa. As of right now there is no release datum for the film. ·5 dagen geleden
connor3 commentaar gegeven…
This news screams: "we are afraid of people's reaction so let's say it now and see how it goes". Unfortunately, when producers say they searching among people of various color, their ultimate choice is in 99% white after all. Anyway, I'm so here for POC Ariel, and I would be totally cool with Keke Palmer. She's perfect in every role she takes. ·5 dagen geleden
MissCinico commentaar gegeven…
I'm really looking vooruit, voorwaarts to this movie! Keke Palmer has been one of my favoriete beroemdheden since I was little and her personality if perfect for Ariel. So far this seems like Disney's most promising live-action remake (at least for my tastes). één dag geleden 1