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anukriti2409 zei …
Hey! Disney Princess Wedding Contest is live again! Participate now
link geplaatst ·5 minuten geleden
wavesurf zei …
Today is my Birthday. I'll be doing adult stuff and chores today. Maybe, tomorrow, I can do something I actually want to do. But that's my life. Being an adult with brief moments of enjoyment. lol, lol, lol. geplaatst ·22 uren geleden
BB2010 commentaar gegeven…
happy birthday! ·22 uren geleden
tiffany88 commentaar gegeven…
Happy Birthday <3 ·3 uren geleden
anukriti2409 commentaar gegeven…
a very happy birthday! ·5 minuten geleden
deedragongirl zei …
Former US First Lady, Barbara struik, bush passed away at 92 years old, may she RIP. geplaatst één dag geleden 1
wavesurf commentaar gegeven…
^Yes, may she rest in peace. ·23 uren geleden
cruella commentaar gegeven…
Rest in peace First Lady Bush. ·11 uren geleden