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deedragongirl zei …
Hi guys, let's all pray for the recent Manchester bombing. geplaatst ·5 uren geleden
nmdis commentaar gegeven…
WTH? There was a bombing again, oh my god..I've been busy with tests so didn't heard news. This is so terrible, I just wish no one gets hurt :( ·4 uren geleden
deedragongirl commentaar gegeven…
Yea, I saw a post on Facebook door my schoolmate, who's staying in Bristol. hart-, hart wrenching if u ask me! ·4 uren geleden
Sparklefairy375 commentaar gegeven…
It happen just a few times after Ariana Grande's concert. And around 19-20 peoples are died and many meer peoples were injured...yeah it's terrible :( ·4 uren geleden
disnerdtobe commentaar gegeven…
Again? That's terrible! :( ·2 uren geleden
JaDangerz zei …
Thank u all for your kind thoughts, I went through the surgery just fine, my left side is just sore and i have stitches in my gums i have to deal with for a week as well as rest and eating soft foods and liquids. But letting u all know I'm alright I hope to be better after my stitches are removed. geplaatst ·2 dagen geleden
disnerdtobe commentaar gegeven…
Yay good to hear u got over your surgery. Sucks that u have to soft foods and liquids for a week :(. Hopefully you'll have nice teeth after that. :) ·2 dagen geleden
deedragongirl commentaar gegeven…
Wow! I could not imagine myself going through the trauma, at least it's over! ·2 dagen geleden
wavesurf commentaar gegeven…
Oh, I rejoice that your surgery went well! I remember getting my wisdom teeth removed and being on a soft food diet for a week and a half. No fun. But at least, once it heals up, it's better. :) één dag geleden 1
deedragongirl zei …
Hi guys, I'm downloading Beauty and the Beast so that my brother could enjoy it and I'm listening to Evermore (movie version) now. geplaatst ·2 dagen geleden
Funfums commentaar gegeven…
That's sweet. :) ·2 dagen geleden
nmdis commentaar gegeven…
I watched it yesterday I indeed enjoyed but honestly it makes movie less interesting when u already know what's gonna happen volgende :'( één dag geleden 1