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de keuze van de fan: Dancing with the Dwarfs
de keuze van de fan: VHS
de keuze van de fan: Yeah, I did.
de keuze van de fan: VHS
de keuze van de fan: DVD
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mhs1025 zei …
I just watched Moana for the first time on Netflix, and I gotta say this all in one sentence-WHAT A HELL OF A MOVIE! I'm so glad I watched this! Out of all the Disney films, this is the best damn one I've seen in a long time! I could talk about the characters for the rest of this uithangbord post, but I'm saving that for a future article. Plus, what a great "sick day" movie! (I had to have one of my teeth pulled yesterday. And I'm STILL recovering. :P) Anyway, what did y'all about Moana? geplaatst ·5 uren geleden
disnerdtobe commentaar gegeven…
I KNOW RIGHT? Such an AMAZING movie. And I would love to read your future article! ·4 uren geleden
wavesurf commentaar gegeven…
Moana and Maui were fun, likeable leads; I adored Gramma Tala, and the muziek was spectacular. Those were my thoughts after watching it. All in all, the best coherent princess-related movie I've seen lately, with a solid plotline. ·2 uren geleden
BelleRose829 commentaar gegeven…
Ikr! Moana was lit! *dabs* I loved Moana I watched like 8 times when it first came out, I've calmed down about it meer though since it's been a while, but still an awesome movie. één uur geleden 1
Winxclubgirl202 zei …
5 years of being here on Fanpop, who knew geplaatst één dag geleden 1
Starfox2000 commentaar gegeven…
Congrats! volgende maand it will be my 1st year. How time flies XD ·15 uren geleden
Sparklefairy375 commentaar gegeven…
Congrats! This maand is my 3rd jaar on Fanpop. ·15 uren geleden
BelleRose829 commentaar gegeven…
CONGRATS! één uur geleden 1
deedragongirl zei …
Finally, my thoughts on the Phantom of the Opera is on front cover. Have u read the novel??? geplaatst één dag geleden 1
disnerdtobe commentaar gegeven…
No I haven't and I haven't seen the musical either but I really want to! ·4 uren geleden