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de keuze van de fan: Giants
de keuze van de fan: saints
de keuze van de fan: Both
Detroit Lions
denver broncos
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alexandra917 zei …
hallo umm...I know this isn't football related but I'm single and I'm looking 4 a sweet, funny, smart, and someone who the same age of older than me door 1 of 2 years. I also like to play sports. So who want to be mine. Now this is most important he has to be a boy. geplaatst een jaar geleden
onedirection769 zei …
i love football geplaatst een jaar geleden
Fassmckee zei …
Looks like Micheal vick is up to his old tricks again, i zei it before ill say it agaain F**k u sports loving P#SSIES. IF u CARED HED BE IN PRISON INSTEAD OF HURTING meer ANIMALS.!!! geplaatst een jaar geleden
Bladewarrior commentaar gegeven…
so how are they responsible for it that's Vick's choice it has nothing to do with sports your stereotyping increases meer and meer door the minuut u use to hate on everyone in a group for a handful of people now u hate on everyone just for one person u know i told my friend this "if we were to kill every single person fassmackey hates it would not be murder it would be genocide" een jaar geleden
Bladewarrior commentaar gegeven…
no wait here's something else i told him it would be Nero's reign all over again , it would be Vlad Dracula's reign again there would be a holocaust joke in there but i'm not a jackass but either way it's a comparison to how your widespread of hate works from your hateful stereotypes een jaar geleden