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Osk2010 zei …
Won't be any new content on YT until the new jaar but please enjoy what is on there for now. Lots of new uploads in the last month!

:) geplaatst ·11 dagen geleden
Osk2010 zei …
Some meer rare candids, Stone Cold Steve Austin & Debra from the Teen Choice Awards 1999

There are meer of these to come, featuring only Debra herself which I'll uploaden later on this week! geplaatst ·18 dagen geleden
Osk2010 zei …
A treat for all Debra fans today, a selection of candids from 2002 Wrestlemania access geplaatst ·22 dagen geleden
REXDART commentaar gegeven…
Candid foto's from Rock Bottom would be the ultimate find in my book. ·22 dagen geleden
Osk2010 commentaar gegeven…
u watch the crowds back then constantly snapping foto's of Debra and yet they are hard to find ·22 dagen geleden