Debra takes on Sable... her stunt double?!
Where: San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, California.
When: 3rd May 1999
Show: Raw
Match: Debra Vs Sable - Evening japon, jurk Match

With the Corporate Ministry taking over the WWF, its dispicable leader Shane McMahon was on hand to book some matches. To quote him "for his own personal amusement" he decided to have the WWF Women's Champion Sable take on Debra in an Evening japon, jurk match with the loser being the first to lose their japon, jurk and be stripped to their bra and panties.

This was a non titel match and later on RAW we saw Debra in a sleek evening japon, jurk walking in the back and then to a big cheer make her entrance to the ring. Sable's theme hit to another loud cheer and apparently we were about to see the two top, boven blonde bombshells in the company go at it.

However that wouldn't happen thanks to Sable. She appeared on the titantron and told Debra she was preparing to do her seconde Playboy foto shoot. She explained she had a stunt double because she couldn't risk her body. She then with a smirk told Debra to be careful not to rip her dress.

With Debra questioning this to the referee, Sable's theme hit again and Sable's stunt double came out... the giant muscular woman Nicole Bass! Debra looked horrified as she came down knowing that Nicole in physical terms could really hurt her badly!

Debra tried to argue to the referee that this wasn't fair but in the end he wouldn't be swayed. It looked as though Nicole bas, bass was going to give the "Puppies" a beating until Debra smartly decided to avoid this. With a smile she stripped down to her bra and panties causing the crowd to blow the roof off. She had forfeited the match but looked the real winner as she spun her japon, jurk around in the air before throwing it down to pose in the ring.

Nicole bas, bass was not happy and grabbed Debra door the bra strap, pulling her around the ring. Towering over Debra, Nicole was apparently going to make Debra pay for her cheeky verplaats while the victim here was pleading with Nicole bas, bass not to hurt her.

Jeff Jarrett made the save, running into the ring and turning Nicole around. Debra broke away from her opponent just in time for Jeff Jarrett to smash a gitaar over Nicole Bass's head! The scantily clad Debra took her japon, jurk and after giving Nicole a mocking kick she strutted out of the ring.

At the same time Val Venis came down apparently to the aid of Nicole Bass. He started a fight with Jeff Jarrett and ended up knocking him out of the ring. However we quickly saw why he was here, a huge grin went over his face as he left the ring and jumped down to see Debra giving him a seductive glance. Val Venis gegeven his character was loving life as he kissed the hand of Debra and then carried her to the back! Debra appeared to enjoy this as well with both staring in each others eyes as they made their way up the entrance ramp.

The last thing we see is them disappearing into the backstage areas with a panic stricken Jeff Jarrett sprinting up the ramp after them and a injured Nicole bas, bass lying in the ring. We got some action replays of these moments and a vicious brawl between Val Venis and Jeff Jarrett over Debra!
Debra strips to forfeit the match!
Nicole won't let Debra leave without a beat down!
Jeff Jarrett rescues Debra from Nicole Bass!
Val Venis leaves with Debra!