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"Damn, is that freak scary..." Dally stated, looking at the person that had black, long hair and had a thick black jacket. As I studied the person's face, I found out it was a female. She held a sharp switchblade in her right hand. When she looked up at us, I noticed her mascara dripping from around her eyes. Dally kicked the girl's leg.
"Dal, stop!" Johnny warned.
"What did u say? What did u say to me, little shit?" Dally took his response to heart.
"Looks like she's been through a lot." Two-Bit said, depressingly. He squatted down volgende to the girl.
"Are u alright?" he asked...
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I woke up feeling terrible. My head hurt, my throat was sore, I was freezing, everything seemed wrong. I kept on and on coughing. Throwing up was what I felt was coming next.

"Are u alright, Johnnycake? u don't look so good." I heard Ponyboy when I looked up.

"No, I'm fine. I'm seeing Torie today, and that's final." I disagreed. Then I coughed again which sounded and felt like I was gonna throw up.

"You're not gonna go to school today. I mean, look in the mirror. u look terrible!" he protested.

I gaged. "I'm fine."

Ponyboy walked out of the room, then came back with a trash can. "You're gonna...
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posted by TomboyWriter
Name: Johnny Cade
Hair: Black hair with much grease in it in begining of book long in the front then curls up in the back
Eyes: Deep Black big puppy dog eyes
Skin: Medium olijf-, olijf color but light under bangs
Scars: One on left side from his temple to his mid cheek made door the socs when they jumped him while he was searching for the gangs football
Personality: Shy and timid ever since he was jumped and has a light sense of humor
Characteristics: Small and cute and looks younger than his age
Age: 16 years old
Clothes: Jeans, Converse, and Blue Jean jas with blood stain
Never been out of town when him and Ponyboy hid out in the church in Windrexville
Looks up to his friend Dally Winston
Bestfriend: Ponyboy Curtis
Parents beat him and his mom yells at him (While in the hospital he refused to let her see him)
Got burned in church brand and died after telling friend Ponyboy Curtis to Stay Gold
His death caused his friend Dally Winston to rob store and get shot down door the cops
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u open your eyes and roll over to see your boyfriend, Johnny, snoring away. u giggle at how cute he is when he sleeps. He slightly opens his eyes. "Morning beauiful." he says. u give him a kiss on the cheek "Go back to bed, I can tell you're tired." u get up, walk into the bathroom and start the shower. While waiting for the water to warm up, u get the chocolate cake from the night before out of the fridge and cut a piece for Johnny for when he wakes up. u go back to the bathroom, and get into the shower. u begin to shampoo your hair and dance around in the tub while singing....
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