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de keuze van de fan: Kim Jonghyun
de keuze van de fan: B.A.P
de keuze van de fan: Hongjoong
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Blaze1213IsBack zei …
My brother told me he's not interested in K-pop but then I remember I found out that Beast was K-pop which I actually use to think it was Japanese. .___. ...and my brother use to listen to them which means he did listen to K-pop before. I bet he just thought it was Japanese too.XD geplaatst ·3 dagen geleden
Lusamine commentaar gegeven…
Gangnam Style is K-pop too, but 90% of the population doesn't realize that. ·3 dagen geleden
Blaze1213IsBack commentaar gegeven…
That's true and I actually did knew about him being K-pop too lol. I think the reason people don't think he's K-pop cause they usually think it's groups that are K-pop. ·3 dagen geleden
Blaze1213IsBack zei …
Wait so TXT is a new group right? What I just found out about them right now and they got some pretty songs so far. Am looking vooruit, voorwaarts to see what they gonna do next. geplaatst ·17 dagen geleden
Blaze1213IsBack commentaar gegeven…
pretty good songs ·17 dagen geleden
GDragon612 commentaar gegeven…
totally agree btw do u have a bias? all songs are so great aweee!!!! ·17 dagen geleden
Blaze1213IsBack commentaar gegeven…
Haha not yet and yeah I agree. ·17 dagen geleden
doubletrouble7 zei …
hi i'm new here my name is tori i'm from omaha,ne so i love kpop muziek ever since last year. i was watching a muziek video of the song touch my body it featured lots of girls dancing and a saxphone playing door a guy.
see u soon-tori geplaatst ·19 dagen geleden