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hiddennobodie posted on Nov 07, 2009 at 10:33PM
Everyone wishes that they can be in the series so why not use your own character. You can have your character a Man, Elven, Drawf, Orc, or simple have a mix-breed like mine.

Name: Bowen
Alto Ego: Bewon-Ranger
Race: Elven-Man mixed
Age: 19
Parents: Ariel(Mother) Arron(Father prince of Rohan)
Weapons: two sword-like daggers and a white bow and arrows
Appearance: Long light-brown hair, wears grey shirt, black pants any has light blue eyes
Ring of Power: Terras(made out of sliver and has encravings of the wood of Ash, Wiillow and Maple and has a Ruby in the center.)
Magic: Ancient Magic of the Earth

Bowen was born ten years after Frodo destoried the Ring at Mordor. His mother was a Rivendell elf who fought in a battle right outside of Rivendell with Men who were fighting against the suriving Orcs.
Withing the chaos the man who would be Bowen's father was stapped by a cursed blade. She took him back to Rivendell. Later in the years they fell in love. And nine months later Bowen was born.
On the night of his birth his mother died having him. When he was able to leave his father took him back to Rohan.
For ten years, he lived with Men. He left Rohan and became a Ranger. For six years everyone known him as "Bewon".
Now he lives with the tree guardians of the ancient wood. There they taught him the ancient magic and gives him a ring of power that will help him control his powers of nature.
Then for three more years he robs every royal being passes through the forest. And when he heard about his father dieing he left the forest and found him dieing and now he is the most powerful being in the Realm of Rohan.

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