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de keuze van de fan: Beat It
de keuze van de fan: Both
de keuze van de fan: I WANT TO KISS MJ SO BAD!
de keuze van de fan: Hell yes
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joy10777 zei …
Ok, I'm new here. I'v known of Michael all my life and had his muziek but never really followed him. When he passed away it hit me harder then I expected but I continued to listen to his muziek and say prayers for his children and family. Anyway...one I was able I started looking for communities to connect with. I'm pretty new to this. But I look vooruit, voorwaarts to hearing what people have to share and just being a part of this. So Hi to everyone who may run across this and take the time to read. :-) geplaatst ·22 dagen geleden
cherl12345 commentaar gegeven…
Hi, How are u ·20 dagen geleden
MJfan97 zei …
OMG!!! i was repairing my hard drive, now i've lost two files "Michael Jackson" and "Movies 3", it took me years to collect a good quantity of both, and both ment a lot to me. I feel so fucking screwed, and honestly i feel attacked. geplaatst één maand geleden 1
joy10777 commentaar gegeven…
Did u send any part of your files to anyone? Maybe u could get part of them back that way if u did just a thought. I understand how u feel, been there myself. Really sorry to here this. :-( ·22 dagen geleden
mjpeterpan7 zei …
Hi guys! Its been a long time I haven't been here and this page is not that much active. I miss those times! geplaatst ·2 maanden geleden
cherl12345 commentaar gegeven…
Welcome back ·2 maanden geleden
joy10777 commentaar gegeven…
Welcome back even though I'm knew I hope meer of your old vrienden drop u a welcome back too. :-) ·22 dagen geleden