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Review by deedragongirl posted een jaar geleden
fan of it?
Mr Bean!!!
Hi guys, I remember seeing this film many years geleden and I absolutely adore this film so much!

The Story

Okay, several pranks were taken from the TV series, especially during the plane scene where there is a airbag containing vomits in it and we see the other guy's reaction to it after lending it. Speaking of the plane scene, I did not know that the security in the US were serious until I found out later about it!
I dislike David's family initially except for his youngest son, who did not like boon at all until later at the hospital that they took a liking towards him.
My favourite scene is definitely when boon goes to the museum at night and fixes the Whistler's Mother door replacing it with a replicated poster of it after damaging the original earlier on, this is one of the memorable scene that I love.

The Characters

As mentioned, I dislike Langley's family except his youngest son because I felt that they were very prejudice towards Bean. I immediately took a liking to them at the hospital scene when they finally saw the light into him after their initial misgivings on Bean.