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Okay, here are some Gee facts I found, I did not even reword them, they aren't mine. I am being lazy. Sorry.

He used to be a little bit heavier weight wise.

Gerard Founded MCR with original trommelaar, drummer Matt Pelisser.

He doesn't like physical work.(manual labor)

He was going to be a cartoon artist.

He went to Art School in New York.

He once worked as a a kar, winkelwagen boy/bagger at a Grocery store.

He smokes.

His mothers name is Donna.

He thinks that Brody Dalle from the distillers is HOT!

He claims he is not Goth but that MCR being labelled Goth is because of the song Vampires Will Never Hurt You.

His fathers name...
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This is the behind the scenes of the muziek video with Grace Jeanette that plays the role of raket Kid.
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