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 Human Twilight Sparkle
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This was so cute, I had to post this. I didn't make it though
my little pony friendship is magic
human twilight
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This My Little pony Friendship is Magic foto might contain anime, grappig boek, manga, cartoon, and stripboek.

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I chose six because of the Mane Six.

6.) Elise//Suity Voyage

The toon doesn't toon much of Elise. Only in Green Isn't Your Color. But, I love Elise so much because she is a different pony to me. She has a blonde mane and a brown coat. I think she looks beautiful as well. She deserves meer screen time.

 Elise//Suity Voyage
Elise//Suity Voyage

5.) Diamond Mint

Unlike Elise, Diamond Mint gets a few meer appearances on the toon and she's meer known. Diamond Mint is zei to be based off of Sparkler {or it's the other way around}. The reason why I like Diamond Mint is because of her name and appearance. She deserves...
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Hello Everypony! :D Today I want to talk about Twilight becoming an Anicorn. I feel that this subject should be talked about someplace else besides the MLP FIM wall.

For the past year, rumors have spread about Twilight becoming an Alicorn. Now it has been proved to be true. Don't believe me? Here is all the proof u need.

The first foto was found on Someone's facebook account and the seconde one was found on the entertainment weekly website. Both, I believe, where realised door the hub but I could be wrong.

The was also somepony that zei that Tara Strong (Sorry if I got it wrong) will not be...
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