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 Human Twilight Sparkle
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This was so cute, I had to post this. I didn't make it though
my little pony friendship is magic
human twilight
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posted by Canada24
 Stay outta mah shed!
Stay outta mah shed!
Back at Canterlot.

Princess Celestia was sitting door herself, probably lost in thought.

When suddenly prime Spike's letter finally reached her.

"Ohh, what's this about" Celestia thought outloud, as she opened to letter.

Dear Princess..
Twilight wasn't so sure it was worth sending u this letter. Believing u won't take us seriously about such things, and maybe u won't, but I'm letting u know anyway. Rather u believe me of not. Some dobblegangers escaped into our universe, and I'm hoping that maybe your know a way to bring them back.. And far far away from me.
Signally yours.
Pinkie Pie.

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 It was hot outside, but regenboog somehow had brought popsicles....
It was hot outside, but Rainbow somehow had brought popsicles....
Ok, so following the last part, Celestia and Bolt find a hotel to sleep at for tomorrow. Kinda hard for Bolt to have to share a bed with the princess, since her mane was constantly flowing. The volgende morning......

Bolt: It's time to get going! Your Highness, it's time to go! HELLO!? *uses magic to make a slice of cake appear*

Celestia: Cake....MINE!! *jumps out of bed but trips* Ow....So, we ready to go?

Bolt: Yes. Let' grab our stuff and hop to it!

They bring their pocket sized cars out, put them on the ground of the parking lot, and press the button. Bolt gets in his car, ready to speed off,...
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posted by Mylittlecute12
Pinkie Pie was busy making some. cake dough for an order while humming her favoriete tune (My Little pony theme). "Pinkie Pie, I'm going to take the foals for a walk in the park! Take care of the koop while I'm gone!" A blue mare with a aardbei colored mane, called out. "Oh, alright!" The roze mare replied. Mrs. Cake started trotting out the door. Her hoofsteps were getting quieter and quieter as she headed out. Pinkie Pie slided her hoof across her face to wipe off some sweat, while putting the cake she just finished baking. "Phew, I'm exhausted...maybe I'll take a nice nap..". Pinkie Pie...
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my little pony friendship is magic
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