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The 23-year-old heartthrob opened up to MTV about his forthcoming sex scene in romantic weepie Remember Me.

Pattinson, who stars opposite Emilie De Ravin, had a chuckle about getting hot and heavy on camera after the costume department forgot to buy a "modesty patch" to cover the Twilight star's groin.

"They had to, like, tape it and stretch [a bra] around into my ezel crack. It was quite funny. It's all very glamorous," zei Pattinson.

He added that a few "props" were added for them to experiment with.

"Allen Coultner [the director] gave us this whole kind of lecture about how to feel 'safe', I've...
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THE toon

I now know meer about Robert Pattinson than you. Where did my life go so wrong?

Fun Fact*: Robert Pattinson is a founding member of the group Fishbone.

Robert Pattinson: actor, lover, grower of hair. The moment "Twilight" bromfiets into theaters in 2008, RPattz was branded an icon. Granted, his acting had nothing to do with his popularity; instead, Pattinson is the latest heartthrob du jour, deified door a foaming horde of screamy tween fans and their loveless-marriage mothers. Pattinson has become a worldwide sensation, all due to his choice role as Edward Cullen, the vampire who sulks,...
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