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de keuze van de fan: Selena
de keuze van de fan: Absolutely not
Absolutely not
de keuze van de fan: selena
de keuze van de fan: Princess Protection Program
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Sanabanans zei …
please visit www.stalktounlock.weebly.com to figure out where selean-the-bean lives! (no im just kidding but don't u think selean-the-bean is catchy??) but srsly. a friend zei i shld visit and i did and OMG it's amazing. go to www.stalktounlock.weebly.com to find out her address! geplaatst ·4 maanden geleden
CodyRaven zei …
Now my first Album is Called Selena Gomez with my song that is Called "The Real Power Within Selena Gomez`s hart-, hart & Soul" as she is my Destiny-Soulmate as my Truelove with my Love & Dream songs geplaatst ·7 maanden geleden
CodyRaven zei …
Now I do know meer Secrets about Selena Gomez then her fans do but i am not telling but her as I`m Selena Marie Gomez`s Fiance & I do Believe in her & have Faith,Courage in her with my love in her too geplaatst ·7 maanden geleden
MummicOfficial commentaar gegeven…
Please visit linkfor latest updates of Selena Gomez songs één maand geleden 1