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sonic and shadow are at shadows house.

shadow: { god hes so hot.... i just wanna fuck him}
sonic: so.... when is silver coming over?
shadow: soon....{not really sexy}

shadow had actually set a trap.. a rape trap for sonic.... hehe.

shadow: wanna see my room?

sonic: sure..

sonic and shadow go upstairs.

sonic: um... why is it so hot in here?
shadow: oh .... youll see soon enough.

sonic then sits down.... then he blushes at shadow.

sonic: um sh-shadow, can i ask u something?
shadow: sure.

sonic moves close to shadow and blushes.

shadow takes this opertunity to kiss sonic and slip his tongue in there to.

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sonic was shock but nod his head just then shadow chaos control to were both lord l and sonic are who are u kid ask shadow lord l zei sonic lord l huh sigh lord l zei my name lighting jolt wolk zei little lighting looking at both sonic shadow both shock faces your are baby zei shadow shock but happy yeah zei little lighting blushing lighting jolt wolk the NAGA-HOG alpha ultimate life form god age 11/in HIGHT 7.0/hermaphrodite ageless/immortality albino white smaragd, emerald yellow quills like shadow and sonic mix together going down his back smaragd, emerald yellow round his smaragd, emerald blue eyes perzik chest tummy lighting marks on his arms for head long NAGA tail ice blue inhibitor rings lighting marks on them lighting he looks like both sonic shadow mix together what are u my son both sonic shadow I am a NAGA this is my true for and the both of u sonic shadow look at each other so can u change us son ask sonic yes but first u need blood from mommy zei little lighting end of part 2
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