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Perfect little straat with perfect little houses that have swings on their front porch and expensive cars in front of their garage. There's nothing strange about this street, Alaric thought. Except from the fact that on the every lamp post there was a white paper with big black words MISSING. And every paper had a different face on it. There must have been at least 15 girls that are missing. Mostly teenage girls, around 17 years old. Some were older, but none of them was older than 25. And Alaric was probably looking for their murderer, to bring him home. He would ask for a great punishment...
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posted by loveDE45
stelena fans, as a former delena hard core fan (like crazy hard core) and I know I'm little too late but I actually became a stelena & bamon hard core and now that I'm a former delena fan can honestly tell u I was jealous of a lot of stelena fans through-out S1-S4 they had A LOT of great scenes together that even though I was shipping delena I always was asking myself well what's left for delena because stelena had all the huge important emotional moments/scenes all the cute, sweet and hot moments that I always wondered what was left for delena to have, and what was left is hot make out/sex...
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