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de keuze van de fan: Season 6A
de keuze van de fan: Yes!!!!
de keuze van de fan: #11 Stiles & Lydia (Platonic)
# 11 Stiles & amp; Lydia (Platonic)
# 12 Lydia & amp; Parrish (Romantic)
de keuze van de fan: Ian Nelson - Derek Hale
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Articuno224 zei …
Personally I think it's a little too much information we've had with all these recent trailers coming out so shortly after each other, there's only 8 days left, so I don' see the point of trailers at this point, I'm certainly not gonna spoil anymore for myself now xD geplaatst ·2 dagen geleden
HaleyDewit zei …
So, I saw the trailer for 6B and it looks very exciting, but something about it gives me the horrifying idea that Stiles and Derek will only come back in the final episode. Someone, please tell me I'm being paranoid. geplaatst ·13 dagen geleden
Articuno224 commentaar gegeven…
Honestly I feel the same way. They showed them in the trailer to let people know who would return, but I'm pretty sure they will only be in 1-3 episodes. ·9 dagen geleden
HaleyDewit zei …
I thought Teen wolf was supposed to return in the summer. Well, it is summer... geplaatst ·24 dagen geleden
Articuno224 commentaar gegeven…
Yeah most people thought so, but there hasn't even been a release datum yet, so I think it's highly unlikely to return this summer, maybe fall of winter, sometime between September-January maybe. I think it might actually be a good thing that it's been delayed, cause before they had a really tight schedule and that could rush things too much, I mean we all want the very last Season to be as satisfying as possible don't we? ·22 dagen geleden
HaleyDewit commentaar gegeven…
I know I do! :) ·20 dagen geleden
Articuno224 commentaar gegeven…
It has just been revealed. The toon will return on July 30. ·17 dagen geleden
HaleyDewit commentaar gegeven…
Yay! ·16 dagen geleden