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Who are your bottom five least favoriete characters in TLK trilogy?

1. Scar

2. Zira

3. Uncle Max

4. Ma

5. Timon (I liked him in TLK 1 and 2 but TLK 1/2 that killed my respect for him, I hated him as a selfish idiot)
 nicker11500 posted een jaar geleden
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lionkingartist said:
1) scar

2) zira

3) Uncle Max

4) Ma

5) Rafiki

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posted een jaar geleden 
George-Mason said:
1. Scar: A tyrant that murders his own brother. He then manipulates his own nephew into believing that he is responsible. He gets his support door giving out free handouts. What a commie! He despises liberty and acts as if food grows on trees. He passes restrictive speech laws. He forbids lions from migrating to better opportunities.

His "Be Prepared" kind of sounds to me like recent campaign slogans such as "Make America Great Again" and "Hope and Change."

2. The hyenas. Lazy welfare bums that sit around and make a living off of Scar's free" food. What a bunch of useful idiots! Can't they see that Scar is just using them and only cares about is power?

3. Simba: Annoying. He is a good guy but IMO how eager he is to be king shows an unhealthy lust for power.

4. Animals that bow to Simba at the beginning of the movie. Bowing to a future ruler u know nothing about? Scary. Kind of like how it is in real life though. smh

5. Timon: Useless hippy totally ignorant about philosophy. His utilitarian hukuna matata crap about do what feels good undoes all the hard work and deep thinking that Mufasa taught Simba about the cirkel of life.
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posted een jaar geleden 
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