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I always considered myself a different kind of girl. Mostly because I always got treated differently, door my family, door my peers and even my teachers. When I was younger, I always felt like the outsider; the one no one would ever listen to of understand, always ignored, always picked last for a game, ridiculed in anything I zei and did, with no one ever giving me a chance to toon my full potential.

I was the odd one. I was a black sheep. I know a thing of two about how it feels to be the butt of a joke, being at the mercy of those people called “popular” and “normal”. Too bad all those...
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posted by ThatDamnLlama
Top 20 Dwight Schrute Quotes:

1. When my mother was pregnant with me, they did an ultrasound and found she was having twins. When they did another ultrasound a few weeks later, they discovered that I had adsorbed the other fetus. Do I regret this? No, I believe his tissue has made me stronger. I now have the strength of a grown man and a little baby.
2. I am faster than 80% of all snakes.
3. I don’t care what Jim says, that is not Benjamin Franklin. I am 99% sure.
4. I don’t believe you, continue.
5. Reject a woman, and she will never let it go. One of the many defects of their kind. Also,...
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This is a completely factual and accurate genealogical account of the Schrute family line. It is based on first hand information from Dwight Kurt Schrute, obtained during the filming of a documentary. The names, dates, locations and all other information may be made up, but the rest is the absolute truth.

Effie Margaret Elderstein was the only child of wealthy German factory owners. She was a quiet and plain young woman, who had many suitors, but little interest in any of them. When...
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posted by jameswilson
This isn't a wordy artikel as much as it's just a little collection of pictures from the past seasons. I'm not going into my what I like and don't like about the changes Pam has gone through throughout the toon (some I really like and some I don't so much), but it's cool to look back either way!
Things to note: her hair, makeup, clothes - plus the background and location of the interviews! It's fun to see the different set ups throughout the years!

My final three comments:
1) I hope u enjoy
2) Pam's the best
3) Comments/thoughts welcomed!
 "Pilot" 1x01
"Pilot" 1x01
 "The Dundies" 2x01
"The Dundies" 2x01
 "Gay Witch Hunt" 3x01
"Gay Witch Hunt" 3x01
 "Fun Run" 4x01
"Fun Run" 4x01
 "Weight Loss" 5x01
"Weight Loss" 5x01
 "Gossip" 6x01
"Gossip" 6x01
 "Nepotism" 7x01
"Nepotism" 7x01
 "The List" 8x01
"The List" 8x01
 Dwight, my favoriete character
Dwight, my favorite character
As we all know the office is one of the funniest shows in televisie (if not the funniest) I decided to make a top, boven 10 of my favoriete characters. door the way this is from 1 being my favoriete and 10 being my least favoriete of the ten.

1. Dwight
Dwight believes everything anyone says and takes everyone really seriously when it's clearly a joke. As well I like how he is a super nerd. Nerds are just funny to me for some reason.
2. Andy
Although Dwight is bitter enemy with Andy and I did hate how he got rid of Dwight but I still love how he can make awesome catchphrase for example dawsome,Beer me,sorry...
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My favoriete character has got to be Jim not only for the extreme hottness factor, but I feel he is the most relatable. Everyone out there has a Jim of knows a Jim and if u haven't met him yet I hope u do soon! I've listed my top, boven ten favoriete Jim moments that I feel best represent why he is my favorite:

10) Those ADORABLE "looks" he gives the camera. u know the ones! John does them so well and I love them because it makes u feel kinda like you're there at Dunder Mifflin and not watching it on your TV.

9) He genuinely cares about his co-workers (not just Pam!) He cheered them on during...
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posted by Vixie79
There’s Newfoundland and Labrador,
Saskatchewan, Ontario,
Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba,
New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Prince Edward Island’s very small,
but British Columbia tops them all!

[And that's where Vancouver is.]

But… before I finish up my story,
u should know the territories.

There are only three so I’ll be quick,
the Yukon, Northwest, and Nunavut.

If u want to have a ball,
there’s Saskatoon and Montreal.

And if u want to pack your sacks,
we’ll be going off the Halifax.

And if you’re looking for a wife,
be sure to visit Yellowknife.


Perennial geraniums,
nickel–think uranium,
are filling up my cranium,
the exports that they boast.

Keep going? No? Ingrates.
Summary of The Office Seasons

This is a mockumentary that documents the exploits of a paper supply company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Made up of head chief Michael Scott, a harmlessly deluded and ignorantly insensitive boss who cares about the welfare of his employees while trying to put his own spin on company policy. With an office including the likes of various peers who have their own hangups, The Office (2005) takes a look at the lives of its co-workers: bored but talented salesman Jim, his mildly sociopathic, butt kissing enemy Dwight, mildly righteous receptionist Pam, and indifferent temp Ryan...
posted by yoyoder
So, I know all u guys know all this stuff but I had to write a paper in English about something random and I was like The Office! So I'm just putting this up here for fun and this spot is going pretty slow and all the artikels are old anyway.

The Office is a mockumentary, which means it acts like a documentary with the cameramen being a real presence in the show, but the episodes are still scripted and have actors. It focuses on the company Dunder Mifflin that sells paper, and meer specifically on the workers at the Scranton branch. One of the reasons The Office is so great is how u could...
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posted by powerhour
Hello Office fans!

I just finished up making an Office: Power uur video. What is a power uur u may ask? It's 60 shots of bier in an hour. For a video power uur such as this, there are 60 one minuut clips from the Office seasons 1-6. After each clip, a screen is shown to remind u to drink the shot of beer. door the end, u should have drank between 5 to 7 beers depending how full u fill your shot glass. Pretty simple, eh?

So grab some friends, some beer, the video, and a shot glass for each person playing. Fill your shot glass with bier and prepare to play. Further directions are outlined at the beginning of the video.

Because the Office is copyrighted, I obviously can't just post this anywhere - which is why it's a torrent. If u don't know how to use bittorrent, google it. If u do, please proceed to my site to find the linken to download. Don't forget to seed please!

From one fan to another, hope u enjoy.
posted by chel1395
 Trish Gates
Trish Gates
After reading ANOTHER artikel that hints at Kevin Malone's fiancee, Stacy, not existing, I have decided to prove to the world that not only does she exist, we've seen her. Several times. First of all, the actress who plays her is named Trish Gates. Trish has starred in four Office episodes, however her scenes in "The Dundies" were cut from the original episode. u can see her in "The Dundies" deleted scene where Kevin points out that he brought his fiancee. She is also seen briefly in "Email Surveillance" at Jim's party. We don't see her again until Season 3 in "Phyllis's Wedding." Then, we get another brief glimpse of her in "Cocktails" when the office staff is at Poor Richard's Bar. And then, of course, there is the fact that Kevin brought Stacy's daughter, April, to work in "Take Your Daughter to Work Day." I ask anyone who thinks that Stacy is a figment of Kevin's imagination to please watch the episodes mentioned above. Thank u and good night :)
 Stacy and Kevin at Phyllis's wedding
Stacy and Kevin at Phyllis's wedding
Looking back, some of these old clips on 'The Office', were probably a big refresher. It didn't help that I not too recently watched those very same clips, but it was good to view some of the Season One office people and how some matured, while others became meer childish over the seasons. The funny thing is, there was a similar video on 'YouTube' which quoted their Ten Reasons To Watch The Office, so another reason could be that even if u missed a populair clip, u could watch it again on this reminiscent episode of 'The Banker'.

If I were to be realistic, I know of other series that have...
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posted by chel1395
 The kiss we were all waiting for
The kiss we were all waiting for
In the decades since televisie shows invaded the subconscious of the average American viewer, there have been hundreds of thousands of TV couples. Lucy and Desi. Captain Nelson and Jeannie. Ross and Rachel. There are great romances, there are disasterous romances, and the most addictive of all...the "will they/won't they" romances. It's one of the classic hooks of televisie shows; two people who seem destined to be together, but can never quite make it work. So, what makes the relationship between fictional characters Pam and Jim on The Office, different from all those other relationships?...
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Summary: In ‘Night Out’ we heard that Michael has been going on some really bad dates, but we didn’t get to see them. Thankfully, I happen to know one of the cameramen and he let me watch footage from three of Michael’s dates. The following is a transcription of the video for your reading pleasure. :D


(Michael is standing outside Poor Richards)

Michael: (to the camera) So, this is my first real datum since Jan and I broke up. Her name is Helen and she’s the daughter...
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posted by greekthegeek
ever wondered if u are obsessed? well now u can find out! if u answered yes to 5 of meer of these then u definately are obsessed! But it's nothing to be ashamed of, it's the Fanpop! spirit!

1. u are a fanatic level and should be higher on fanpop.

2. The Office is all that u think and speak

3. u find that your emotions are best expressed through "The Office" monologs.

4. People label u as "crazy" of "mental".

5. u camped outside the ticket booth for The Office convention and scored VIP tickets.

6. u wrote 25 of meer poems for the Season 3 DVD contest and found out u lost. Your...
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Here are the top, boven 5 reasons Andy Bernard is almost as awesome as Jim.

1.His catchy nick names and phrases. They are pretty awesome, and I found myself using a few on meer than one occasion. Examples are: "Big Tuna", "Beer me", and "I really Schruted it".

2.His musical skills. He is a pretty decent singer AND he plays the banjo. What meer could u want? My personal favoriete song of his is "Andy and the Tuna".

3.His amazing collection of ties. Not only does he have a great tie selection, but he miss-matches them so they actually look good.

4.His ability to manipulate people door slowly wearing them down. This will, I repeat WILL, get him far. Mark my words.

5.His ability to beat-up most people. Angry Andy could possibly dominate anyone of anything. This includes Superman, and Dwight Schrute.

Anyone agree?
Also, any other reasons he is amazing that I may have missed??
posted by sandyboard93
On the forums I have been hearing a lot of anti-James Gunn comments. Yes, we all know John Krasinski is a lot cuter than James Gunn and yes, it would be very cute if John and Jenna were indeed dating. But in reality James and Jenna have been together for a long time and it would be unrealistic to have hopes that Jenna will divorce the dork an go for the hunk.

James Gunn and Jenna Fischer have been happily married since fall of 2000, about a jaar before Jenna even started working with John. I think what most people are missing here is that actors DO have lives other than the lives in their hit...
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posted by chel1395
I approach this letter as if I was writing the eulogy for a friend who has recently passed on. While I know that this is one instance where my “friend” will eventually crawl out of their grave and come knocking on my door, I am still in a period of mourning. Even when u know your friend will be coming back, it is still painful to think about being without them. And that is what The Office is to me, in a way…a wonderful friend. I’m constantly developing deep (bordering on psychotic) ties to certain televisie shows, so it’s no real surprise to me how deeply affected door the writer’s...
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Everyone heard about it: License to Wed.
A funny film about a couple that wants to get married, but need to survive a couple of tests gegeven door a crazy man.

But the real thought about it goes meer to John...
I mean, most of the people are gonna watch it becouse John is playing in it. But if u watch The Office u think: Hey, that's Jim!

We don't see the actor as John Krasinski, but as Jim Halpert. That's why it's hard to accept for Office fans that in the movie John has another name, personality, life and relationship! Office fans go watch it with the thought: Jim is playing in it! But at the end u just think: It would be way meer fun if it had The Office characters, plotlines and jokes.

At the end we just need to accept that the actors/actresses are just playing Office characters and are a whole somebody else in other movies, series and real life.
posted by TmoVie_obsessed
I watch many shows, and I've seen and understand that they change over seasons. Characters evolve, stories change... Some are handled very well, almost making recent seasons surpass the beginning. But there are those that lose something in these changes and I believe that The Office has long passed this point. And yes, I hate having to think of my shows ending, especially when they have the legacy that The Office has, but really, it's time.
Now when I was thinking of a time when it would've been perfect to close, it hit me. Season 3. I know it's long past this time, but imagine the season 3...
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