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The Vampire Diaries Couples Videos

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Multicouples | Never Let Me Go

Multicouples | Clarity.

multicouples | wrecking ball

Multicouples | Burn.

stefan & caroline - WILL u BE there? (4x03)

stefan&caroline | calls me home pagina

stefan & caroline; "the warmest touch i've always missed..." (4x03 included)

Stefan & Caroline | Weightless

stefan & caroline; "if u could see what i see..."

stefan + caroline [4x03] | right here

stefan & caroline | i'm in ecstasy

Stefan and Caroline: What REALLY happened at the Mystic Falls dance

Damon and Elena 3x19

Klaus & Caroline - Heart's a Mess (Vampire Diaries)

►Klaus & Caroline | Closer

Almost Lover [Damon / Katherine]

The Vampire Diaries|Titanium

corner | damon & elena

TVD - Numb (Katherine ♥ Damon)

The Vampire Diaries Couples - Scream

Isobel & Alaric trailer

Your love is mine for the taking...

Klaus & Caroline | Dance Again

Run {Damon & Elena}

I love u (Damon & Elena)

A thousand years {Damon & Elena}.mp4

Damon & Elena We Found Love (vidlet)

When u say nothing at all {Damon & Elena}.mp4

Damon/Elena I'd Lie

Damon and Elena- Adore u

Katherine & Elijah (Rihana-Unfaithful)

Elijah&Elena [Elejah] - Hurricane

a little story-katherine/elijah

elijah & elena | in my veins

Elijah & Katerina - Missing u

Elijah and Katerina - I'm Awake, I'm Alive

Elijah and Elena - Heartbeat

always and forever | elijah & elena (au, the vampire diaries)

Elijah/Elena ~ I never wanted this to happen ~ (TVD)

Damon and Elena |...Everything•

Damon & Elena - I Had Come For u

Vampire Diaries // Damon ♡ Elena

✘ u don't know me, u don't even care| damon+ elena

►damon&elena||you still love her, damon..

Damon + Elena | nothing that i do will ever be enough for u

damon + rebekah ;; [i just haven't met u yet]

Katherine and Damon; I miss you...

True Colors

I just wanna hold u

[TVD] Find Me (3x11)

Klaus & Caroline - Say [3x11 AU] (by nastasiya)

TVD ; 3x11 ; End of all time

Caroline/Klaus - sorry 3x11 part1?

Vampire Diaries 3x11 _ Our Town _ Part 13

Klaus + Caroline I Thousand years

Klaus/Caroline 3x11 - I'm With u (Avril Lavigne)

klaus & caroline ; into your eyes [3x11]

illluminated | klaus + caroline (3.11 spoilers)

Klaus & Caroline ♡ Happy birthday Caroline[3x11]

Klaus & Caroline | I Live To Make u Free [3x11]

Klaus & Caroline || All u Have To Do Is Ask [3x11]

Klaus|Caroline - Between

Klaus|Caroline - Between

KLAROLINE...(RE-written scene) AU!

klaus damon caroline- hurt

Klaus|Caroline [My Sundown]

klaus + Caroline "i can let u die if that's what u want."

Klaus + Caroline Series Intro ||| Black ♥

Klaus/Caroline - Cut

Caroline & Klaus - Falling in the black

Klaus & Caroline "You're going to have a thousand meer birthdays..." 3x11

Klaus and Caroline scene, 3x11--Collateral Damage

Klaus and Caroline - Turning Page

Klaus + Caroline | Not Alone [AU]

Klaus/Caroline - It Happens In A Blink

klaus & caroline II undisclosed desires II for thao *read desc.*

klaus & caroline [eden]

Caroline & Klaus- What about now.

Klaus/caroline/stefan; There is a side of u i never knew

Klaus & Caroline (AU) - Never {for BlurOfYellow}

Klaus/Caroline | Now u remember...

You've Made A Mark On Me - Klaus/Caroline (TVD)

someday u will be loved ; klaus + caroline (for marine)

watch me burn {klaus/caroline} fearlesslywish's wish

Klaus+Caroline - Get up.

klaus & caroline ● ''in love with her'' ..

►Klaus + Caroline | You're Beautiful [For ErasedMinds]

Damon & Elena Holding On And Letting Go ('The New Deal')

damon+elena ; It's everything you wanted, it's everything you don't...

3x10 Damon kissed Elena [The Vampire Diaries]

She's like the wind

The Vampire Diaries ● 3x10 Scene || Damon & Elena Kiss

TVD || Trouble

stefan/katherine ;; I did love u and it was real [for Nini & Dora]

the vampire diaries - all i want for christmas is u [dedicated]

►Damon/Elena | "I want to make u feel beautiful"

Forwood:You Get Me [ The Vampire Diaries ]

►The Vampire Diaries | And It Goes Like This

Steroline seconde voorbeeld

damon + elena | my skin