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CREDDIECHANNY posted on Mar 11, 2012 at 06:16PM
So, I've seen this frequently on a lot of spots so I decided to start one here. Only, with a little twist. Here, the main parts are up for grabs by the first people that decide to join. And, just to be fair, I'll try to be Elena.
Here's the plot: Elena already knows that Damon and Stefan are vampires and this is more in the future after they've solved who the murder is and stopped Klaus who has fled. Yet, I'm including stuff from the books now, Kitsune have invaded Mystic Falls and it's up to Elena, Damon, Stefan, and everybody else to try and stop them.
Feel free to join! :)
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een jaar geleden KateDamon said…

We are a TVD RP site and we have almost all characters available but we also accept made-up characters! Please join us if you are interested. :D