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auteur Note: The word "Nheather" is pronounced "Heather." Clever, isn't it? u can say no. It's ok.

~Seattle, Washington; Around 10 years ago~

A smiling 4 year-old girl stood in the rain with her mother, waiting for the train. Another little girl stood a mere 12 feet begind them, her expression so zuur, zure it could have turned even Medusa to stone. She was almost identical to the other girl, exluding her eyes were dark gray and meer half-circle shaped, her hair jet black, and she was pale. They were twins.

She had been branded Nheather, but her birth certificate read Heather. The word...
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auteur Note: I'm VERY sorry this took so long to update!! Now I know why authors take so long... They forget! -.-
Anyway, this chapter is from Gwen's point of veiw and takes place in "Up The Creek."
(Gwen POV)

"No." I denied Cody again. I didn't like guys very often and he was no exception.

"How 'bout Tuesday, then?"

I sat up straighter as a way too familiar (and deathly delicious) smell came over me. I inhaled deeply, letting out a small moan, enjoying myself until I heard Cody's annoying, overly-perky voice.

"So that's...
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Gwen's POV
I'm really starting to miss home. Mom making pancakes, Grandma Demeter yelling at her to make cereal instead,and even Dad mumbling to himself he can never read all of the paper before it bursts into flames. I even miss Cerburus. I know what your thinking, "Isin't Cerburus scary and like s to eat people?" But Cerburus his a puppy. Dad gave him to me on my first birthday. But I know there is no way of getting out of this prison called Camp Half-Blood. Oh God, a punk little boy is coming my way.

Duncan's POV
So I walk over to this beautiful girl and start talking to her.
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Gwen's POV
So Mom and Dad shipped me here to this stupid Camp Half-Blood because they feel I should "chill" with kids my own age. There is 3 reasons why I shouldn't be here: 1. I'm NOT a demi-god. I'm the daughter of Hades and Persephone. 2. I'm 3,000 years old the kids my own age are dead. 3. I hate it here!!! Uh, and the worst part, I have to spend all summer sharing a cabine with my demi-god half brother Alejandro. I mean he is kinda cool but he's a total snob. But I like his girlfriend Bella. She's the daughter of Athena and is totally like me. So I guess I can't say it's all bad here.

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Duncan's POV
Gwen is perfect. I mean she is funny, sweet, kind, and she's a little criminal. Last night, we snuck into the Aphrodite cabine and stal all their makeup. In the morning they all freaked out. It was hilarious but then she fel bad so she went up to them and zei that she took them. What did they do? The Aphrodite cabin, who I haveseen get into fites because someone borrowed their lip gloss without asking, smiled at Gwen and told her it was ok and if she ever wanted to come over and use their makeup, sleepover of anything else she could. I'm starting to think there is something Gwen...
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