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posted by 16falloutboy
Karen: hallo everyone, what's up?, welcome to Total Drama Fire, our cast members are in for a surprise, let us meet our campers, first comes Natalie!"

(boat drops of Natalie)

Natalie: hallo what's up host?"

Karen: hi and nothing, volgende camper is from TDI,TDA, and TDWT, here is Duncan!"

(Boat drops of Duncan)

Duncan: oh not this again!"

Karen: ok our volgende camper is Samantha Rollings!"

(boat drops off Samantha)

Samantha: hi"

Karen: hallo can i call u Sami?

Samantha: sure why?"

Karen: well cause there is gonna be someone else named Samantha

Samantha: yeah sure

Karen: ok our volgende camper is Bridgette"

(boat drops off...
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posted by angelchamp3
Courtney:*calls Trent's cellphone*
Trent:*answers* hello?
Courtney:hey Trent,it's Courtney,I just wanted to tell u um that I hope your feeling well and Bridgette's going to bring today's homework to your house.
Trent:Well,*coughs* Okay then.
Bridgette:*to Courtney* hallo come on let's-Wait are u talking to Trent?
Trent:*coughs* Who is that?
Courtney:*to Trent* It's just Bridgette.You wanna talk to her?
Courtney:*gives the phone to Bridgette*
Bridgette:*takes phone* hallo Trent.
Bridgette:I'll be over there later to drop off your homework okay?
Trent:*coughs* Okay.
Bridgette:Awe I hope...
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*Non-First class*

Draven: I'm going to ask Chris if i can verplaats to first class.
Ray: Ok that's so un-fare.
Draven: i'll try to ask if u can come too.
Ray: *blushes*


Ray: *holds necklas* Thsi necklas Draven gave me is so alsome. he's so nice.


Rayvan: what's up with u and Draven?
Ray: what do u mean?
Rayven: u and him are so nice to each other.
Ray: I'm nice he's nice. that's all.
Rayven: ok...........
Bridgette: I'm so glade your back Jar3d.
Jar3d: Me too...... alittle.
Bridgette: what do u mean?
Jar3d: well............. Annie scares me.
Bridgette: i know she likes you.
Jar3d: you...
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Ray: I'll miss you!!!!!
Noah: win for me!
rAY: i WILL!

Sadie: Hi I'm Sadie!
Katie: and i'm Katie!
Sadie and Katie: and this is the TDA aftermath show! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Eva: hallo dumbos! where's Geoff????
Sadie: Like oh my gosh. I don't know!
Katie: Billy told us to be the host!
Eva: I will be the host.
Billy: with who?
Eva: where's geoff?
Billy: Crying.
Katie: Like oh my gosh about what?
Billy: I don't know.
Josh: I know!
Sadie: Like oh my gosh! It's Josh from CMH!
Josh: Yes i am.
Eva: I'm u co-host! u got it?
Josh: ok!
Billy: so why is he crying?
Josh: have u seen Total draMA awsomeness??? Bridgette is cheeting...
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Ray: (examining necklace) I really wish Alejandro weren't invincible tonight, but whatever. Between Jax and Bridgette, since one is an idiot and the other was on the team with me...(flips coin) Bye, Jax

Chris: i have all of u here tonight. and scean Jar3d, Annie, and Rochelle kruis the finsh line at the same time buddy, Jar3d, Aljeandro, rochellem Annie, Ezekiel, Jax, Natalie, and Trent will be in first class.
Trent: sweat!
Chris: I have coconuts here befor me to give out to all of u who will stay. the first one gose to the people that won invencealboty, jar3d, Rochelle,...
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posted by angelchamp3
Courtney:Hey guys!
Duncan:Hey babe.*kisses Courtney*
Courtney:Where's Trent?
Duncan:You mean Elvis?
Courtney:You need to stop making fun of him with that name...but,yes.
Geoff:You don't know?!
Duncan:Elvis lost his lunch today in math!*laughs*
Bridgette:That's funny because??
Duncan:He was doing a math vraag at the front of the class right?
Duncan:Well,he just lost it..all on the floor!
Courtney:Why are u guys laughing if he's sick?!
Gwen:Because it's funny.*laughs again*
Courtney:I'm going to the bathroom.
Bridgette:I'll come...
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andy: well hello my pasengers are u all fealling relaxed, happy, soo sweet and gentel?
all: mmmhh yep.
andy: well nock it off, if u think that chris is worse then u havent met me, i maybe nice...
ramona: nice? maybe, really... i dont think soo.
andy: well to bad, i am nice but at time slike money im srticked and worse... where's ZOEY AND LUCAS.
***zoey and lucas***
kissing, smuching, and meer kissing... and the meer smuching... behind the pool area.
andy: nevermind them.
ray: but i thought u siad no public afections.
karen: well she zei until she finds one for her!!!
andy: and i...
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posted by Seastar4374
Vanessa: *looks around and notices Chiron was holding two flags.* Chiron what are those?
Natalie: Are we playing capture the flag of something?
Chiron: Very good Natilie we are playing Capture the flag.
*The camp cheers*
Chiron: Athena and Ares teams are team captins. I'll explain the rules when we get out into the woods.
Percy: This game iseasy trust me. *He stands and walks away*
Samantha: If he says its easy it must be easy! *she follows Percy.*
Vanessa: *sighs and looks at the others.* We might as well go.
Ally: *Looks at the people at her table* Come on guys lets win this!
*Athena table...
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posted by Lolly4me2
Jessi: I like CRACK ... couples! 8DD
JG: Oh yes, Everyone likes CRACK ... couples. :3
Jessi: Oh yeah, because CRACK ... couples are soo awesome! 8D
Me: I just like crack. :DD


Me: *poking Duncan with a stick*
Duncan: u need a life.
Me: I'm glad we agree on something.
Leshawna: *runs to us* I THINK LINDSAY IS GOING BLIND!!
Me: *continues poking* . . .
Me: *pokes Lindsay with a stick*
Lindsay: Oh, Sarah! u found my hairdryer. :D


Alejandro: Ooh, I am lyke so hawt and smexy. Don't worry Heather, I'mma comin' for ya..
Me: *points* NARCISSIST!...
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posted by cookiewasted9
Me:*deep sigh*..ok...Waaawanaku?
Trent:o_e..fuck it!*leaves*
Me:oh...sad face :(

Duncan:*walks in*Hey..
Me:o_e*throws up*
Duncan:Aw,that's real nice.....oh,gross!It got on my shoes!!
Me:My bad...I had Chef's cooking and--
Duncan:Say no more...*walks away*

Chris:*to a tree*Hi Mr.Bunny man*hugs*<(^_^<)
tree:*'s a treeT_T*
Trent:*to Noah*I told u he was on drugs..
Noah:I didn't deny it..I just zei I never saw it.
Trent:Can I haz hug?:3
Noah:...go away.T_T
Trent:I tell everyone about u and Cody!

Me:Hey Trent..
Me:*gets really close to his face and whispers*I love you:3
Trent:hmm....I..haz hug?:D
Me:Hells yes!

Happy world wide hug day!!!<(^____^)>
Team Fighters

Sarah: Okay team we have to pick three team members! Okay who wants to toon off their skills?

C.Rose: Well im a charazard! I can do amazing brand attacks! *flys up in the air and does flips while using blaze* (a brand attack)

Brock: Woah that was amazing!

Terra: Whoever wants C.Rose to be in the talent toon say I!

Everybody: I!

C.Rose: Thanks everybody! Ill do my best!

Sarah: Who wants to be in the talent toon with C.Rose?

Ryan: im a combusken! I can do amazing kicking attacks! *grins* *kicks threw a 50 inch TV*

Noah: Magicly appering TV's? Is that your other power?

Ryan: *Kicks...
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Chris: Okay everybody your first challange is...


Chris: Fine! But your the last person to get a change of pokemon! DRINK THIS! *gives desiree water* DRINK IT ALL!

Desiree: *drinks water and turns into a ninetails* OMG! AWESOMENESS!

Chris: okay anyway, lets get onto our challange! Our challange is a talent toon where only 3 members from each team will participate!

Sofie: um exactly what type of talent toon are u talking about.

Chris: A pokemon talent show,In a pokemon talent toon u will use your attacks to make a wonderfull toon that will impress...
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It was a very early time in the morning. Some of the contestants had woken up due to blood curdling scream from Lindsay.

"Lindsay, What's wrong?" Roxanne asked. She tried to make her voice sound louder than Lindsay's heavy, constant, breathing.
"What's going on! Whoever woke me up better have a good reason for it!" Courtney spewed.
"I was asleep.. A-and something touched me! And-"
"It was probably a rat. This place isn't exactly the cleanest around.." Noah said.
"No! When I opened my eyes I saw someone! And they had red eyes.."
"Red eyes?" Heather said, "You can't possibly make us think that you...
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Jamie: so I was tied up with ezekiel in this dark room. and no one els.


Ezekiel: This is scary eh.
Jamie: I know who i'm votting off.
Ezekiel: but he can't be votted off til the finle 10 eh.
Jamie: at the finle 10 he's gone.
Ezekiel: I'm with u eh.

Jar3d: I think the storm stoped.
Annie: yeah.
Rochelle: Let's check.
*they opan door and it's very sunny*
Annie: Yay!!!! sun!
Jar3d: Lets keep going!
Rochelle: yeah!

Buddy: I'm going to win! I think i see the end.
*crosses a finsh line*
Buddy: did i win?
Some guy: bikeing is at the end o fa tri-athalon
Buddy: strange guy say what now?
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Jared: Okay Chris that is so not fair! u get to be a awesome pokemon!

Chris: Fine fine! Drink this and it will turn u into another pokemon! *hands another water bottle to Jared* Make sure to drink it all!

Jared: okay *drinks the whole watter bottle*

Karen: Wow u can drink that water fast!

Jared: Shut up Dragon butt! *turns into a bunnary* YAY!

Dawn: Aww your such a cute bunny!

Jared: And u are a cute Penguin. *grins*

Duncan: *Howls* I could beat the crap out of both of you!

Chris: Duncan, if u even try u will be instatly eleminated!

Duncan: Whatever! Whats our first challange?

Chris: our...
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posted by agtimm
Chris: Welcome to total drama Pokemon! Our contestents already arrived!

Chef: Oh dang! i wanted to watch them arive!

Chris: Who cares chef! They are all at the pokemon Hotel!

*At the pokemon hotel*

*In the lobby*

Jared: This is SO cool!

Ash: I've been here millions of times!

Trent: Ash,Why do u have to brag?

Ash: Im not bragging.

Dawn: Ash,you sorta are.

Annie: hallo guys stop picking on Ash!

Buster: I wonder when chris is gonna get here!

Karen: Shhhhh! Im reading my book about dragons!

Jake: Why do u even like Dragons.

Karen: didnt u hear me? i zei SHHHHHHHH!

Jake: Gosh!

Penny: Aw Jake its okay, shes...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Warning: This is not reccomended for u if you're a hard core DXC of GXT fan, of if u just don't like insane amounts of imagination.
You have been warned.

Heather was walking in Camp Wawanakwa after a LOOONG elimination. She was happy that she was still in the competition. She was feeling happy, and walked around with a proud look alone.
Suddenly, she heard a rustle in the bushes. She jumped at the sound, and went over to the nearest boom to investigate.
She looked behind the struik, bush from the tree, and saw an unbelievable sight. A sight that no one would even dream to see.
Duncan and Trent were...
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lucas:um hallo tak hallo look im sorry im

tak:its too late for sorry and i guss were not vrienden anymore

lucas:but tak

tak:bye lucas


angel:let me guss u and tak arnt vrienden anymore

lucas:ya i still remember the dag we meet each other

(back then)

tak:hey give me back my book

heather:no hahahah

lucas:she zei give it back

heather:whats a emo kid do about it ya1

(lucas puchs her)


lucas:your welcome hallo do u want to come to my house if it ok with your mom and dad

tak:i live door myself

lucas:then come on

tak:but my leg hurts

lucas:hop on my wagon


(today when there teens)...
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Chris: and your challange is............. a race around hawii!
Jamie: u say what now?????
Rochelle: is that even posable?
Chris: Oh and all teams are merged!
Jar3d: than how would we know who gose to first class?
Chris: easy. There will be a 1 winner with invenceability every eposde until the finle 5 than after that no incenceabilty.
Annie: I don't get it.
Natalie: yeah she's dumb and i don't know.
Chris: who ever wins. he's of her last team mates will go in first class.
Buddy: what about me and Draven over there?
Chris: Buddy u will be on team USA! Draven team Win.
Rayven and Jamie: sweat!

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