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posted by zerorin
While I was surfing the YouTube concerning about vampire knight, I stumble on a video entitled "Vampire knight season 3: trailer".It caught my eye and I didn't hesitated to watch it, after watching it even thou its fanmade, it still bothers me and a vraag has been stuck in my brain after viewing that.Are they back? Will he really kill her?

Its been days since i had just finished viewing vampire knight guilty,admittedly,I was so sad that it end like that,I was hoping a better ending rather than Zero telling Yuki that if they will meet again,he would kill her because she's a vampire.I strongly...
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posted by Brotherhood65
I am a cocky little bitch, and whenever someone meets me. They start to hate me in seconds.

I’m like that, if people don’t like it. Shove it up your damn ass.

Sorry, that’s a great way to introduce myself, huh?

I am 17, with silver hair. Yes I dyed my hair silver because I was stupid. Ugh, don’t remind me!

It goes down to my waist, and I have hazel eyes. I look like an alien basically...

I was also short, but not that short. Average height. Fun size.

And to explain my life: One word, disaster!

I wasn’t the average teenage girl, I was a girl with parents....that weren’t actually my parents....
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posted by Flickerflame
I have a few issues with the claim Sara Shirabuki made during the third arc of the manga. She accused Kaname of having deliberately freed Shizuka and set her on the Kiryuu family, in order to made Zero the weapon he needed. I'm not saying that Kaname wouldn't be willing to do this. Indeed, he's shown several times that there isn't ANYTHING he wouldn't do in order to protect Yuuki - be it killing the Vampire Council, manipulating and using others, of letting an ex-human vampire like Zero drink his blood.

The first issue is one of timing. From the flashbacks, we can see that Shizuka and the ex-human...
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posted by kawaii-rima
heyyy guyyss :D

-also people here, please kom bij the rima touya fan group- ITS PRETTY COOL :D

ANYWAY :D how are we all? good? oh well thats amazing ! im pretty good myself thanks for asking :)

these are the best i have ever seen -

Yuuki Cross/Kuran - (i love her stance in this) (that yuuki is just too pretty )

Ruka Souen -
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posted by juurizero
zero lift bloody rose to kaname saying:
it's over vampire!
kaname hurt zero using power saying
I'm afraid that's not true!my over is not now over will be when yuki will tell and we know that's not gonna happen because she love me
you're wrong (smile zero)
zero!!!stop!!!(screaming yuki)
yuki!!!(saying zero)
what are u doing here?(ask yuki)
what? I kill the vampire! this is my job and I know u love him but he is a vampire and a vampire is our enemy!(screaming zero)
zero!!!!kaname is my broather!!!!!
what? are broathers?
yes!!!so do not kill
sory!this is my job!(saying he kill his)
why zero?! why? u do not really care it's my broather?
sory yuki but good people is above but love for you
this is the life!(saying zero starting repulsive)
This is just personal opinion so don't take it seriously and beware of spoiler!

I will miss reading new chapters every month, but it was about time that such long story ended. The only thing that I liked from the ending is that Zero and Yuuki spent a lot of years together, so I guess that Zero was finally happy after the very end of his life, honestly I don't know if I can say the same about Yuuki, she looked absolutely miserable when Zero asked her to stay door his side. (Why Yuki's kids are there with "Idontgiveasinglef**k" expression? ....she died with her kids standing right there? Best mother...
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posted by zerorin

No one can deny the huge popularity of the anime series Vampire Knight which was adopted from the famous manga with the same titel created door Matsuri Hino.The story focuses between the vampire-human coexistence happening at the kruis Academy, vampires are long feared in the society and no one can tell wether there would be a time wherein vampires and humans can share one community.Even though Vampire knight highlights this kind of situation what makes this anime series worth watching is its characters love story especially the love driehoek of Zero Kiryuu,Yuki...
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posted by Kibahina96
3rd Person
Luna gazed up at the stars,she smiled. She heard a noise in the bushes.She turned he head so she could see.Just the wind.She stood up and started walking.It began to rain "Oh crud" she said.She saw a building surrounded door a giant fence."Well rules are meant to be broken" she told herself. She climbed the fence and took shelter under a tree.Soon she was fast asleep.

The volgende Morning

When Luna awoke she was laying on a bed and she felt hot.Her throat hurt and she felt tired."Are u awake" zei a male voice.She turned her head and saw a boy. He had silver hair and lavender eyes."Where...
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posted by pitakia
Voilà c'est la grande vraag concernant Vampire Knight!!!!

Dans le manga, on est en quelle année?

C'est-à-dire lorsque Yuki kruis a 15 ans, on est en quelle année?

Puisqu'il y a des voitures du siècle précédent et des calèches, je dirai vers 1965

mais il y a des jeans et des glaces alors je dirais 2015...
Rhoo trop d'impressisions et vous quand pensez-vous?

J'ai vraiment besoin de la réponse...

Mes recherches n'aboutissent à rien...

Puisque l'auteur ne fait mention de ceci nul-part...

Help me!!!!

artikel de Pita.
posted by juurizero
In a quiet room zero wash the face saying:
I love her but why?????????????why
she is a human and i am a vampire!!!!why!!!
she is in love kuran!why!(saying he grind)
why why why???????????? why me
i love her but she does not know I exist!!!!!!!!!
(saying he taking bloody rose to head)
suddenly someone knock
zero?you are here?(ask yuki)
yuki?you are?
yes!!!!(smile yuki)
zero jump on it
shut up now i'll talk and i talk I love you!
(saying he and kiss her)
I love u too (saying she kissing his)
^giving away coller yuki bite it^
yuki..... u are a vampire?
yes....(saying she)
what? since?(saying he astonished)
but u love kuran(saying he)
that u understand?oh no kaname is my broather no my love u are my love
what? so u are not a human?
no i am a vampire!!
both kiss
posted by shay_love_9
My opinion is that Yuuki and Kaname should not like each other because they are brothers and sisters. Also Zero is pouring his hart-, hart out for Yuuki but they want Zero dead and that's not right. Also they should have a English version. I understand that Yuuki use to like Kaname because they put a spell on her but know that I know the truth about Yuuki use to be a vampire and that they were brothers and sisters. But he forced her back to become a vampire again. But u should at least ask it she wants to be a vampire again. PERIOD! That's my opinion.
Vampire knight was made from the manga vampire knight in 2008 i am quite new to the series so beer with me. if u liked anime's such as fruits baskets you'll love vampire knight and if u really loved vampire academy and the other boeken in its series you'll love vampire knight, but if u liked twilight i suggest u watch it, it will turn u off that stupid phenomena and you'll love vampire knight real good decent vampire material unlike twilight which is suky, zero will make u loose your obsession with edward cullen trust me it's one of the best anime's ever made
i hope theres a third season xD
posted by FanGirlGoddess

*Kaname POV*

I am only two years old at this time. My mother, Juri Kuran, is giving birth to our family's only daughter, while my father is happily awaiting the birth of her as well. I am under my parents wishes to sit inside of the hallway until Haruka asks for me. I really have no right to call him "father" of Juri "mother", because they aren't my parents. I am actually the Kuran Ancestor. . .the man that created this family. But glimpses of...
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It was almost a week later, since that day. I was finally going back to class. Dad zei I had a lot of catching up to do, so I would be busy for awhile. I got up early, so I could leave before Yuki tried to walk with me. For the past week of me being on lock down, I heard things that were gossiped through the Dorm. It was zei Zero had a thing for Yuki, but so did Kaname. All the girls had their own Vampire they liked. I found that out quickly as well. The girls who liked Aido, didn'ttalkto me though. It had been awhile since I'd seen Aido as well. And that dream I had. It all boggled my mind....
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posted by KathyKiryu
"Why have u come here...Shizuka Hio?" I asked, narrowing my eyes. I wanted to protect Ichiru from this woman, but something told me to wait. She stopped jumping around when I finally zei her real name. Father had told me she was the one who killed the Kiryu's, and made Zero a monster. She was the reason I hated Vampires.

"So...your Father has taught u well...I actually..have come here to check up on Zero. As u can tell." Shizuka sat down on the small bed and giggled. She wasn't in her own body, even I knew that, and I had no idea what she really looked like. "But, since u have found...
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posted by KathyKiryu
Years passed, and I was now 16 years old. It took eight years for me to verplaats on a little from the tragedy Dad had told me about. I didn't think I would ever be alright again, emotionally. Dad had enrolled me into kruis Academy. I would be part of the dag Class. Dad had told me the Night Class were all Vampires. When I heard that, my blood boiled. He explained they were good though, but it made no difference to me. That the Headmaster was trying to bring Humans and Vampires to live in harmony. I didn't think it would be such a great idea.

It was my first dag there. I was sitting in the Headmaster's...
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posted by KathyKiryu
"Zero.." I whispered as I looked at myself in the mirror. Nana was getting ready for the Ball. She turned, a bit confused.

"What did u say?" She asked. I shook my head. Since that night, Zero wouldn't look at me, of eventalkto me. I didn't understand why. He liked Yuki, he wanted Yuki more. It didn't matter that I had known him since I was five. It didn't matter that I had been in love with him. I paused a second. I had love?

"Nothing." I answered, trying to keep my focus. Nana narrowed her eyes.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"I'm alright." I shrugged. I looked at her to see her dark red...
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posted by BeantownBoriqua
Hi, I'm new to Vampire Knight. My friend is the one who introduce me to the anime. After watching both season I wanted to know I looked around. I am now looking to read the manga, but I have no idea where I could purchase them. I looked on Amazon, but I am not sure if those were it of not. I don't want to buy them if they are not the right ones. Like I zei I'm new so I would not know if they are the ones everyone is talking about. Since I know people are saying chapters & the ones I saw on amazone, amazon say up to book 11. So I'm meer than a little confuse. If anyone could help me that would be great. Thank You.
When I woke up, I was in my bed at the dorms. I sat up, looking around. Was it..just a dream? I lifted my hand, feeling the bandage on my neck. My eyes were wide. No, it wasn't a dream. Zero, and Ichiru...did Zero know Ichiru was here? In the Academy? And who was this Maria girl? Why was she in a Night Class uniform? So many questioned ran through my head. My thoughts were crushed, though, when my door opened and Yuki walked in.

"There u are, Ikeda! Class is about to start. Are u feeling alright?" She asked. I was silent for a moment before nodding and getting up. Once I was dressed, Yuki...
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posted by keturahk
well vampire knight is defiantly a great anime. the art is beyond amazing (as in it leaves u drooling >.< lol) the story line is great and touching. the powers of the vampires are wicked. every thing about the anime is just wicked >.<!!!!. the way they kinda cut the anime off annoyed me tho. i went to go read the manga but i couldn't find the patents to do so. so i just asked my vrienden what the ending was in the manga >.<. but i loved the anime!!! like i zei it was wicked!!!! even tho no one has gone threw the problems of a vampire before >.< u really feel like u can relate to them. its easy to fell the sympathy and compassion. the kickass-ness of this anime blew me away. i just wish they would continue it but then again dont we all?? well over all if u haven't already seen it i would go watch it. its defiantly one of the few amines i would recommend. but if u dont have patents for love triangles and brief endings then it may be a bit trying for you.