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Wild Arms: Million Memories

top, boven 10 Early Access Success Stories

Fairly OddParents Invades Video Games: Fortnite, Pokémon, Minecraft, Kingdom Hearts, Cuphead

Weekly Japanese Gaming News (7.21~) Too Much Mobile Stuff

top, boven 10 Video Game Moments Where The Hero Couldn't Have Survived

What's Inside 10 Nintendo Products + Facts & Trivia

8 Weirdly Romantic Proposals in Unromantic Games

Gotta Protectors: Amazon’s Running Diet - Mike Matei Live

7 Surprising Shared Universes in Our Favourite Games

Free To Play - Jaltoid Cartoons

7 Terrible Hiding Places u Somehow Got Away With: Commenter Edition

Playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with u at Comic-Con - Nintendo minuut

top, boven 10 Video Games Where the Main Character is Having the Worst Time

Keep the Summer Family Fun Going - New Nintendo 2DS XL

Extending Summer Trailer - New Nintendo 2DS XL

Handhelds VS Consoles (My Opinion)

top, boven 10 Most Cruel Games Ever Made

Pepsiman: The Complete History - SGR

top, boven Five Worst AI in Video Games - rabbidluigi

Juri VS Mileena | DBX

top, boven 10 Worst Steam Games


Game Attack Game toon at GuardianCon 2018

Weekly Japanese Gaming News (7.14~) Go watch this anime now!

top, boven 10 Amazing fan Made Video Game films

Nintendo Direct 9.13.2018

Evolution of One Piece Games 2000-2018

top, boven 10 Most SATISFYING Video Game Moments

A NEW Nintendo Switch Mini Is Not A TERRIBLE Idea.

8 Embarrassing Game Overs We Caused door Being Dumb

The Real Reason Sony Wont Let u kruis Play

top, boven 10 Best And Worst Free PSN Plus Games On PS4

top, boven 10 Shameless Video Game Cash Grabs

Sega Ages - Sonic 1 Getting Drop Dash & Mega Play Mode + New Thunder Force IV Features on Switch

Overcooked! 2 Developers + Nintendo Power 30th Anniversary | Nintendo Power Podcast

A Hat in Time - Live Symphony Orchestra

Badly Aged Games - Austin Eruption

SpongeBob Game's Gross Secret [Crude Easter Eggs] - Did u Know Gaming? extra Feat. Dazz

7 Harmless Items That Are Definitely Not Monsters

Langrisser I & II

9 Upcoming PHYSICAL Nintendo Switch Super Rare Games!

top, boven 10 Best Video Game Weapons That Don't Kill

top, boven 10 Video Games That’ll Stand The Test of Time!

Making Games Better for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing | Designing for Disability


Why The Xbox Failed In Japan

NES Classic Edition | Let’s Play Ep. 6 | Super Beard Bros.

E3 2018: Impressions: dag 3 Highlights

top, boven Five Hardest Optional Challenges in Video Games - rabbidluigi


top, boven 10 Most Disliked Game Trailers On YouTube

E3 2018: Impressions: dag 2 Highlights

E3 2018: Impressions: dag 1 Highlights

SHAMELESS Corporate Games | The bureau of DEATH BATTLE

BEST OF Game Grumps - June 2018

NES Classic Edition | Let’s Play Ep. 5 | Super Beard Bros.

Weekly Japanese Gaming News (7.7~) Pikachu Engagement Rings!

goud Nintendo Classic Famicom Mini - Weekly Shonen Jump 50th Anniversary Ver. - IGFTW! Ep. 37

favoriete Summer Levels - Nintendo minuut

top, boven 10 Side Characters Who Got Their Own Game

NES Classic Edition | Let’s Play Ep. 4 | Super Beard Bros.

7 Times u Made the Game Much Harder door Accident: Commenter Edition

NES Classic Edition | Let’s Play Ep. 3 | Super Beard Bros.

How the PlayStation 3 Almost Killed The Brand - History of PlayStation Part 2

South Park Referenced in Japan-Only RPG [TV Easter Eggs] - Did u Know Gaming? extra Feat. Greg

Top10 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2019

NES Classic Edition | Let’s Play Ep. 2 | Super Beard Bros.

The $90 Charging Switch Carry Case - SGR

7 Sneaky Ways u Got Rich Quick

10 Nintendo Switch eShop Games Worth Buying - Episode 8

top, boven 10 Activision Video Games

Nintendo Switch Consoles Are Cracking

NES Classic Edition | Let’s Play Ep. 1 | Super Beard Bros.

top, boven 15 favoriete GAMES | Puppet Love!!

The 7 Harshest Continue Screens in Arcade Game History

Streets of Rage 4

top, boven Five Bittersweet Endings in Video Games - rabbidluigi

What If Fortnite Came Out BEFORE PUBG?

New Alpha Dream Job Listing Hints at Nintendo Switch, Smart Phone, & PS4 Game Development

How Loot Boxes Are Illegal In Different Countries

E3 2018: Nintendo Highlights

1970's Achievement Hunters - SGR


top, boven 10 Best Game Series That Went First-Person

3 Games, 1 Video

Weekly Japanese Gaming News (6.30~)

12 Fortnite Knock Offs That Wish They Were Fortnite! | The Leaderboard

Famicom Wars! Nintendo Vs. Sharp: The Unknown Copyright Dispute From 1979! GTV

Sonic Mania's Hidden Tribute [Game Commemorations] - Did u Know Gaming? extra Feat. Dazz

7 Ordinary Jobs u Won’t Believe Got Their Own Game

10 Must-Play anime Games on Steam's Summer Sale

How Nintendo Created the PlayStation - History of the Sony Playstation, Part 1

top, boven 10 video games based on films - Oliver Harper (feat. SGR, Kim Justice & Larry Bundy Jr

top, boven 10 Bad Games That Somehow Got Sequels

10 Nintendo Store Secrets They Don't Want u To Know

10 SECRETS Gamestop Doesn't Want u To Know

Ryu VS Jin (Street Fighter VS Tekken) | DEATH BATTLE!

My Girlfriend Buys My WEIRD Nintendo Switch Accessories!

top, boven 10 Dogs in Gaming | The Completionist

meer Fall 2018 Nintendo Switch Games to be Revealed in the Future, Promises Kimishima