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0YouCanFly0 zei …
This is such a great club. The iconen are amazing and everything seems so organized geplaatst ·3 maanden geleden
Sparklefairy375 commentaar gegeven…
I agree :D ·2 maanden geleden
PrueFever zei …
Today I turned 33(!) I wonder if I'm one of the oldest users here at this Spot :P Had a great dag and somewhat a horrified day! One of my best vrienden dog bit my nose, so it started bleeding really bad, but I'm okay now. Was quite a shock, but I'm not angry at the dog, she was just a happy puppy, who likes to bite and it was an acident, but still, it hurt pretty bad. Went to the doctor, but she zei I was okay. Still, I got a vaccination so I don't get infected with anything. geplaatst ·7 maanden geleden
nightingle zei …
I was trying to find these type of clubs.Thanks PrueFever. geplaatst ·7 maanden geleden
PrueFever commentaar gegeven…
You're very much welcome :) Hope you'll like it here :3 ·7 maanden geleden