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de keuze van de fan: ★ Young Thumper from "Bambi" ★
de keuze van de fan: ★ Prince Phillip from "Sleeping Beauty" (1959) ★
de keuze van de fan: ★ Wendy Darling from "Peter Pan" (1953) ★
de keuze van de fan: ★ Eugene Fitzherbert ★
de keuze van de fan: ★ A vain and proud Beauty Queen ★
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Answer: Probably, the Renaissance, because back then Disney...
Answer: She doesn't look like any official DP, but she remi...
Answer: Daaayyyuuummm, OP, this is especially tough for me...
Answer: 10. Tangled 9.Angels in the Outfield 8. Pooh's He...
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cruella zei …
hallo fellow Disney fans, the Meet the DP fans Of 2018 artikel forum is now open! Check it out if you’re interested.

link geplaatst ·16 dagen geleden
FanboyHater zei …
Overrated film. geplaatst ·4 maanden geleden
FanboyHater commentaar gegeven…
Bambi overrated ·4 maanden geleden
Makeupdiva commentaar gegeven…
Frozen, I've never seen it but that one is definitely overrated. ·26 dagen geleden
Mongoose09 commentaar gegeven…
^.... you've never seen a film but say it's overrated? sorry but that's so stupid. maybe watch it and form your own opinion? (I mean I agree it's overrated, but I've watched it so..) ·16 dagen geleden
PrueFever zei …
I got the Saludos Amigos/The Three Caballeros (75th Anniversary Edition) Blu-Ray from eBay today! I'm so happy that Disney finally released these two films on Blu. Having seen both films today, I'm very pleased with the transfers and I will be adding HD Screencaptures from both films to the Gallery. One thing I hope Disney will do soon, is to release the classic Mickey/Donald/Goofy/Pluto shorts on Blu-ray. One can hope, right? ;) geplaatst ·8 maanden geleden