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Are u looking for High Definition Disney Screencaptures, with no Watermarks of text on them whatsoever? Sizes like 2560x1637? Then come kom bij my Ultimate Disney Characters Club @ Fanpop.com: link
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the little mermaid
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I am relieved to find a place where we can promote our new spots without those imbeciles who take Fanpop too seriously reporting us.

Here are the spots I have created. kom bij whichever one u like. Please do not kom bij them if u do not know what they are. If u do not consider yourself to be a fan of any anime, u likely will not know any of these. :)

Mello vs Near: link

Ooyama: link

Yuri x Ooyama: link

Kyoko Kirisaki: link

Sephiria Arks: link

Zexion x Namine: link

Yukito Kunisaki: link

Yuya Mochizuki: link

Monica Rial: link

Ryou Fujibayashi: link

Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf: link

Sven Vollfied:...
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