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“Another was taller, leaner, but still muscular, and honey blond…The short girl was pixielike, thin in the extreme, with small features. Her hair was a deep black, cropped short and pointing in every direction.” – pg 18

Edward: “Alice and Jasper are two very rare creatures. They both developed a conscience, as we refer to it, with no outside guidance. Jasper belonged to another… family, a very different kind of family. He became depressed, and he wandered on his own. Alice found him. Like me, she has certain gifts above and beyond the norm for our kind.” – pg 289

Edward: “She...
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Cullen, Alice
You do smell nice, I never noticed before.

It sounded like u were having Bella for lunch, and we came to see if u would share.

That won’t help.
I could smell her across the field.

It’s been almost a century that Edward’s been alone. Now he’s found you. u can’t see the changes that we see, we who have been with him for so long. Do u think any of us want to look into his eyes for the volgende hundred years if he loses you?

Bella, how many times do we have to tell u that there’s no danger to us?

I will always tell u the truth.

As predators, we have a glut of weapons in...
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