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"The teaser starts with a wolf howling in the background at midnight then a brown male wolf with scars all over his face speaking to Lara".

Brown male wolf:"Oh there is the little pup who had survive Viggo and his crimson pack's attack all grown up now huh"? He zei with a sinister laugh and Lara growling at him.

Skip into the volgende scene with Jill had her's mes out and Lara look at her in the eyes angry then the two of them ran at each other to fight then a slash and a snarl can be heared in the background happens after the screen turns black then Harley's voice Harley:"Time to have my revenge". turn into The Lone Survivors:The Revenge Of The Hunter title.

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One thing I had to do before starting this was fix a small problem that I had created. The timeline has Lilly giving birth a maand of so after Humphrey’s supposed death, meaning she would’ve gotten pregnant around the beginning of Missing Parents.

The reason she had to be pregnant during this time was because Jax, Jonas, and Martin had to be roughly the same age as Stinky, Claudette, and Runt, which means they had to be born as soon as possible after Legend. However, it’s very doubtful that Lilly would’ve gotten pregnant in the aftermath of Humphrey’s death as everyone would be taking...
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I decided to add a section for references and callbacks since these stories have quite a few of them. There are a couple of things that I don’t really count as references since they’re pretty much a constant in the movies. One of them is Runt climbing a boom and the other is Humphrey logboarding, both of which I tried to include at least once in the stories that I could include them in.

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Right away, I made a reference to the seconde movie door addressing the fact that Garth and Lilly were living in the tall grass. There’s a reference to the first movie after Kate finds out...
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Hi guys, I hope you'll like it but before start to reading, I think u have already seen my advertisement on the tittle.

I love this club and I respect his rule. I don't want to provoct you, because I had warned you. If I have some meld about my story, I'll wis it. But try to understand that I'm not a pervert of just a porn fan. It's just a story of love and love mean sex at a moment, it's just a part of the life and the nature. Off course, I tried to don't use a hard vocabulary, just some feel and details. Just for that you'll be not shocked, the story take place when Runt and the other...
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