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Sebastian removed his glove and placed his hand on Ciel’s face carefully moving his palm so that he could remove his young master’s eye patch. “Good evening gentlemen.” Behind Ciel was a man dressed in a black, with hair as blonde as the sand, and eyes as red as the blood that had been spilt in London. Sebastian raised his head to look at the gentleman. “Pardon me sir but what are you doing here?” The man pulled out what appeared to be a walking stick. “I am here Sebastian because I cannot let you eat this young man’s soul.” He said as he placed the stick on Ciel’s shoulder. “And why not?” Sebastian spoke in an almost aggravated tone. “Because Sebastian I cannot lose two of my pieces in one turn; it’s against the rules and I already lost my piece the turn. However I can make up for it.” The man walked to behind Sebastian and after moving his walking stick over Sebastian’s sleeve his arm returned. For the first time in the conversation Ciel spoke. “Who are you?” The man turned to face Ciel and bowed. “I am nothing but a humble player of this grand game we call life.” And with that the man disappeared and Sebastian and Ciel were returned to London in the same position sitting on a bench. “It has been Seven years since that night.” The man that was all covered in black so long ago stares out his window from his home in London. “I wonder Ciel Phatomhive do you still have what it takes to play this game? After all there are some new pieces on the board but you still sit as the king. Can you be dethroned is there anyone up for the challenge of claiming my king?” The man turned from where he had been standing and walked to a large chess board in the center of the room. “But Ciel is no longer the only king on my board; new pieces have been created and along with them a new king for me to use Kimiko Foster and her knight.” The man pulled out his walking stick and it turned to a pen. A document appeared on the chess board. “Kimiko Foster your contract is approved now go and prove you have what it takes to rival Ciel Phantomhive.”
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