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added by rachaelwsz
hallo there! Thanks for supporting the BNE fanspot!

Yeah... Self introduction... My name's Rachael and yeap, I started the BNE fanspot on the erm... 10th July 2009. (3 days meer to my bday... *winks*)

I'm really stoked about BNE and I can't wait for the 29th September for BNE to be released! Hearts to Paramore!

Ok. Now straight to the point...

I'm a pretty busy person. And I have a life. ;)
And I really need your help to update BNE!
*I don't want it to be a dying Paramore related spot...*

So yeah... Just add in some quizes... picks... links... videos... just anything to make the BNE spot meer exciting!

Your help is TRULY appreciated I tell you! :)

So yeah! Lend a helping hand *geez I sound like some Tv commercial...* and make this BNE spot an exciting and interesting Paramore-related fanspot!

We all love Paramore! So, help develop and give ideas to revamp the BNE spot!


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