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OmegaFan posted on Aug 18, 2011 at 10:31PM
Put yourself in Code Lyoko in a way. What? You were expecting some long description, then go find a how to do it yourself book.

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een jaar geleden OmegaFan said…
As I am the first person to think of this. The person's first name is Matt... no last name. His real name is Aeron Schaeffer. Aeron is pronounced the same as Aaron. He is Aelita's brother who went into Lyoko before she did. He was captured by X.A.N.A. shortly after leaving the tower and was taken to a hidden sector that can't be seen by the super scan. He was taken to a prison that was connected to X.A.N.A.'s life. As soon as X.A.N.A. was defeating, he was freed. When he was freed, all the actual sectors were restored. Walks through the forest sector for a while before being materialized by Jeremy. As soon as he was materialized, X.A.N.A returns. Memory returns after Jeremy types in a certain code. Avatar has two stages, one is a data surge restrainment avatar, the second is his true avatar. Stage 1, he has gloves, boots and a helmet. He contains the group's abilities, at full strength. Comes across two new enemies. One that is a bomb, the other being a squid that steals part of the data from one of the character and then runs off. True form is a soldier with very sturdy armor and one single blade. After each data surge limit is reached, one of the lyoko warriors will gain one of his own abilities and either one of his gloves, boots, or his helmet will destroy itself, revealing part of his true form. Data surge limit is massive, data surge limit is reduced for every creature of X.A.N.A.s in Lyoko destroyed, different amounts for a certain type of enemy.