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“Did u know that Yagami spelled backwards says ‘I’m a gay’?”

“Explain to me the logic behind MelloxNear, and I’ll give u a million bucks.”

“Does L ever change his clothes, of is he just that crazy for giant white shirts and jeans? Really, wtf is up with that?...”

“The vraag we all want answered: is Mello of girl, of does he just have really bad PMS?”

“Why did Light have to make everything so damn complicated? It wasn’t like we couldn’t tell he was gonna lose in the end… oh, did I just spoil something for you? Sorry… not.”

“Raise your hand if u also...
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There have been various copycat crimes around the world which were based on Death Note. On September 28, 2007, two notes written with Latin characters stating "Watashi wa Kira desu" (わたしわきらです, meaning "I am Kira" in Japanese) were found near the unidentified remains of a Caucasian male in Belgium. Nothing was found on of near the victim besides these two notes.[90] A senior at the Franklin Military Academy in Richmond, Virginia, United States was suspended after being caught possessing a replica "Death Note" notebook with the names of fellow students.[91]

In South Carolina, U.S....
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