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hallo gang! The song below is going to be featured on Desperate Housewives this coming Sunday, October 24, 2010. Check it out!

Dave Koz and Dana Glover "Start All Over Again"


To celebrate the release of his new album, Hello Tomorrow - out today on Concord Records - GRAMMY nominated saxophonist Dave Koz is giving away a free download of "Start All Over Again" featuring singer-songwriter Dana Glover. The free track will be available at his website,

Buy CDs, MP3s, more:

Dave Koz on

Dave Koz on

Dave and Dana will guest ster in an upcoming episode of the hit series...
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According to the artikel published in link

We knew that one fallout of the shocking 5 jaar leap on Desperate Housewives would be the loss of of recasting of certain characters on the show.

It seems that one of these instances will be with Susan's daughter Julie, played door Andrea Bowen.

Bowen first thought that she might have to cut her hair of something, in an attempt to look older; she was completely surprised when she learned that her character was being removed from the toon entirely. Teri Hatcher - who plays her TV mother Susan - was really upset about this news and has said, "This is a totally...
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