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Duncan Black was in a local bar drinking away his sorrows. It had been 10 years since TDWT and he hadn't seen Courtney since. A tear shed from his eye at the thought of his princess. He scewed up so bad since he cheated on her. He got into meer trouble, Gwen cheated on him door sleeping with Trent the bitch. Before she cheatd, she was even worse then Heather, Courtney and Chris combined.

Duncan had changed as well, no longer with a Mohawk but long pitch black hair, three dag stubbled, bangs under his eyes and a ster under his eye from when he was in Jail for three years. No meer piearcings but...
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Okay, u know about my series, 'DXC: My Neighbor', and, it won't be out 4 a while, so, I want to give u this little one-shot to feed ur thirst (lol) BE BACK, DEMONS!!!! TAKE THIS ONE-SHOT, AND SPARE ME!!! XD

Courtney put on her halloween outfit, groaning, looking at herself in the mirror, she looked like a whore... She was a playboy bunny, a zwempak, badpak with fishnet stockings attatched to it, she put on her bunny ears, wishing that she hadn't made the bet with Bridgette. Suddenly, she heard a car honk, Bridgette had came to pick her up, she ran downstairs,...
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COURTNEY'S POV: i stomped off to a place i knew i was ALWAYS welcom 2...bridgette... She opens the door, "Hey court!" she shrieks in my ear as she hugs me. Ouch. "Wat's up?" she asked after she got over her shrieking fit, "The sky. Only jking. New neighbour. Criminal. BIG problem. HIS ego. Pig! I can TELL" i babbled, "Oh! Its a him!" she winks at me, "What? No! No, no, NO!" i burst out. "You lyk him!" she said. I explained 2 her about my problem. "wat's wrong wiv d going 2 skool coz of u?" she asks.
Rated M

Chapter 2: Warmth

"You ready for the night of your life princess?"

Courtney glared the mother of all death glares as she stood stiffly in front of the king sized bed with her arms firmly crossed over her chest.

She wondered if her lawyers were good enough to prove her innocent if she decided to kill Chris. He deserved it anyway

3 hours earlier…

Once Courtney had calmed down from her little douche fiasco with Duncan she sped walked to the trailer and dressed as quickly as possible in her top, boven and shorts. All she wanted was to sleep before tomorrow when she dreaded the time she would be spending...
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it had been 2 months since Duncan and Courtney started dateing so Duncan and Courtney went to Duncan house and played around and stuffed
then they went to Duncan room and watched tv
then Courtney zei im board Duncan zei wat u wanna do now Courtney got on top, boven of him yanked his overhemd, shirt and zei this then she madeout with him
after a while they got to carried away and ended up getting naked and then had sex they stopped when they fell off the bed and laughed then they went straight to sleep she woke up and looked at Duncan like this lazy hot dirtbag fucking sexy muther fucka and then he heard...
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"Courtney wait!" I yelled as i sprinted down the Dock of shame."I made this for you." A carved out scull is what i threw to her.

She than catch it."Duncan..."She started when caught it. She looked at the little peace of wood and zei "This is really weird and creepy but....I love it! I'll never forget you." She was waving at me, those were the last words i would ever here from her, as the boot drifted off into the foggy ocean.

After i could see no meer sight of her, i than sat down on the end of the dock and stared at my reflection in the water. I could not understand how my love...
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"Well?" i asked interrupting u
"well, you'll probably think this IS a lame ezel excuse but, the reason is of was, i didn't wanna ruin your chances for a good career of a great future" u blushed
I was thrown completely off guard, "erm, i dont think it's a lame ezel excuse, i guess i was just being..." i began
"just being what?" u asked, smirking. "i guess i was just being stubborn, again, im sorry, ok?" i told u solemly. "So do u forgive me" u asked.
u gave me a hug...
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Tom McGillis has told us the reason why Duncney and Gwent broke up. They zei they didn't want any of the couples to be too lovey dovey of too serious because they believed that it would send the wrong message to children, who the toon is amied at. Duncan and Gwen getting together was a network request *shudders*

I say:
First of all, how is Total Drama even a children's show? With all the cussing (which isn't even CENSORED on teletoon), jokes, nakedness, etc.

Anyway, I strongly doubt that what I mentioned above is the real reason why they broke up the two most populair couples because:

1.(not trying...
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my pov.
ok so u know that i made a mistake and preassed publiceer with this so heres the last part again sorry for that ok enjoy!and yes this has SEXUAL CONTENT,YOU HAVE BEEN WARND!!

courtney's pov.

I was about to leave duncan but then he had grabed my wrist and pushed me up against my locker.
"duncan stop and leave me alone,i zei trying to verplaats his hold.
"nop" zei duncan pining me harder.
"if u don't let me leave then i wont help u with your math!,i zei giveing a smirk.
"Alright fine,but not cuz i need help i can really care less about,but becaues i want u over at my parent free house to...
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