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1) The Doctor kept asking Amy if she was ok and he was so curious about Amy, and why wouldn’t Amy tell Rory at all, even if she though she wasn’t pregnant?!

2) Amy found a foto of herself holding a baby. Yes this is Amy’s baby cause in the foto u see her looking exhausted and she’s wearing one of those apron/cover thingies. Which makes u wonder if the little girl is her and Rory’s child….

3) River zei that the little girl in the spacesuit is human but incredibly strong, maybe a mix of two species? *hint* *hint*

4) About what Amy zei through the device, which Rory and the Doctor...
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Ah, the long awaited sequel to Honeymoons! School starts for me in two weeks, which means it may be harder to update, but I will do my best! XD Enjoy, everyone!

Amy and the Doctor stumbled into the TARDIS, panting slightly, leaning against the door and sliding down to the floor, side door side. “Well, that was interesting.” Amy gasped. “Never been almost executed before.”
"Can't wait to find out why Leo hates me so much." The Doctor laughed shortly. “I've had my bad times with the king and queen, too, so that's no surprise.”
"Why, what happened?" Amy asked.
The Doctor grinned. “Let's...
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