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f(x)’s Victoria is now “the woman with damp feet“.

On September 10th’s episode of “Invincible Youth,” the members collected peppers and dried them. Victoria and KARA’s Goo Hara visited a villager’s home pagina to learn how to properly dry the peppers. Once they completed their mission, they then headed to the hut in which the other members were resting.

When she arrived at the hut, Victoria struggled to remove her boots, so comedians Kim Shin Young and Kim Young Chul aided her door pulling on the boots. They pulled so hard that Victoria ended up doing the splits door accident.

After this funny scene, Victoria finally got them off, but her sweaty feet made everyone burst into laughter. Secret’s Han Sun Hwa, the first one to hold the titel of “the woman with damp feet“, teased Victoria and officially dubbed her the seconde “woman with damp feet“.
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