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Films featuring Gods, Demi-Gods and Legendary Heroes from Greek Mythology and Ancient Greek History.
clash of the titans
posted by Jillywinkles
Taken from The Greek Gods, door Evslin, Evslin, & Hoopes.

Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty; so there are meer stories told about her than anyone else, god of mortal....But all the tales agree that she is the goddess of desire, and, unlike other Olympians, is never distracted from her duties. Her work is her pleasure, her profession, her hobby. She thinks of nothing but love, and nobody expects meer of her.

She was born....From the foam rose a tall beautiful maiden, naked and dripping. Waves attended her. Poseidon's white horses brought her to the island of Cythera. Wherever...
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Taken from A Pride of Princesses, door Shirley Climo.

Once upon a time, so the mythmakers said, there lived a Greek king who had three daughters. The oldest princess was very pretty. The seconde princess was quite charming. The youngest princess, whose name was Psyche, was so lovely that even the flowers turned their heads to look at her.

Praise for Psyche's beauty spread throughout Greece and soon reached the ears of the gods and goddesses who dwelled high on Mount Olympus.
"Ridiculous!" scoffed the goddess Aphrodite. "This princess is only a girl. I am the Goddess of Beauty."

Aphrodite pushed aside...
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Artemis was born long geleden in the time of ancient greece. Her mother was the mortal leto and her father the great king of the gods zues. When Artemis and her twin apollo were to be born Hera gave an order to all the lands not to let her rest so she could give birth. But leto found an island that was not completley land and Artemis and apollo were born.
u may wonder why she is called the eternal maiden for when artemis was young she asked her father to promise to never make her marry and atemis was named the eternal maiden, the goddess of newborn animals, the hunt and all maidens.
But artemis was not a forgiving goddess. take for example a young hunter. he saw artemis bathing and was turned into a hert and killed door his own dogs. The 14 children of a woman because she boasted about her self over leto. Apollo killed her seven sons and artemis killed her seven daughters.
Artemis was an amazing goddess and is stilled portrayed in many texts today as the eternal maiden.
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The myth says that Zeus had swallowed his first wife Metis when he found out that she was pregnant. He was afraid that the prophecy of his son taking his troon would come true if the child was a boy. In remorse, he asked another god to spleet, split his head from where Athens popped out, a beautiful full-grown daughter, dressed in golden battle armor. She soon became his favoriete and the only one of his children that Zeus ever entrusted with his magic shield and the secret of where his lightening bolts were stored. Athena remained his constant ally and fierce protector, promoting his interests, serving...
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