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It’s been three months since her winter wedding in Park City, Utah, and Katherine Heigl can’t stop singing the praises of her musician husband, Josh Kelley.

“He was everything I was looking for, of needed of wanted in my life,” the Grey’s Anatomy ster told Great Britain’s Sunday Times. “He’s just so easy to be around. He lightens up the room and lightens my load.”

The 29-year-old actress already has babies on the brain.

“I think he’d prefer to wait a little meer time, but I kind of wouldn’t,” Katherine Heigl said, adding that it would be “foolish to waste our current...
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 George, Izzie, Richard, Miranda, Alex, Cristina, Preston, Derek, Meredith
George, Izzie, Richard, Miranda, Alex, Cristina, Preston, Derek, Meredith
1. u could Re-watch Every Season Over And Over
2. u Watch Newer Episodes And Wish Old Characters Were Still There.
3. u Talk About The Characters Like u Know Them Personally
4. u Want To Get Married Via Post-It
5. u Watch The New Season && Try To Plan All The Different Ways It Could Go
6. u Got meer Excited About Merediths Pregnancy Then She Did
7. u Say Every Character Is Your Favorite
8. u See The Characters In Other Shows && Refer To Them door There GREYS Name
9. u Try To Google All The Spoilers Cause u Dont Wanna Wait A Whole Week
10. u Feel Like Your Bestfriends Died When A Character Dies
11. When u Watch Old Episodes && See Izzie, George, Burke, Lexie, of Mark && u Wish u Could See How Theyd Play Into It Now.
12. u Know What GSMH Stands For
13. u McName Everything In Your McLife
14. Compare Your vrienden To The Cast
15. u Wanna Be A Surgeon Even Tho u Never Could Be.
 April, Mark, Callie, Alex, Arizona, Lexie, Derek, Meredith, Richard, Christina,Owen, Miranda, Jackson, Teddy
April, Mark, Callie, Alex, Arizona, Lexie, Derek, Meredith, Richard, Christina,Owen, Miranda, Jackson, Teddy
 April, Miranda, Alex, Owen, Meredith, Derek, Christina, Richard, Jackson, Callie, Arizona
April, Miranda, Alex, Owen, Meredith, Derek, Christina, Richard, Jackson, Callie, Arizona
posted by JenniferDempsey
I just found this on a website and thought the picture was sweet. Im going to put the picture up in the afbeeldingen =D

"Sugar Daddy bring it home!

Grey's Anatomy ster T.R. Knight, 35, and his "boy"friend, 19 jaar old student Mark Cornelsen, house hunt in The Hollywood Hills on Sunday.

They sure are wasting no time!

T.R., who's sexuality became caused the explosion known as Isaiahgate, attracts a boyfriend who likes to wear bold political statements, like this "We All Have Aids" t-shirt.

The pair walked hand-in-hand through the streets and even hugged for the paparazzi.

How sweet!"
Potentially bad news: the media buzz is about the pending actors’ strike, so we hope u enjoyed your few months of new flicks and fresh TV.

If the Screen Actors Guild strikes and our favoriete stars walk, u can say goodbye to new fare on the screen. The only place you’ll be able to see A-listers like Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo will be the picket line.

To clarify, it’s still possible to avert the strike. But we’ve already seen what happened to Grey’s Anatomy the last time, with the WGA Strike.

On one side of the bargaining tafel, tabel is the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television...
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eyy! there! It is Thursday night once meer and your favoriete medical themed TV series is on the full momentum to dominate your serene night. Grey’s Anatomy is of f to flaunt their seconde episode this 2011 and the season is hea ding to another level of drama and thril l. Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Episode 12: Start Me Up is just a few ni hts away and its air ing such a thing to be awaited for.

The upcoming episode was aimed to continue the past story that happened in the vorige episode of the series. And the beginning of the story tells on the tale of Ari zona, whom in the pre vious episode...
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Shannon decided to work on trying to make a relationship with Eric work because he was now divorced from Meredith. Eric had flashbacks of why Meredith had divorced him in the first place. He remembered being intimate with Shannon in their bed. He realized he caused her pain and she found someone else.
Mark decided to work on trying to make a relationship with Addison work because she was now divorced from Derek. Addison realized that Derek had fallen out of love with her. But Mark wanted forgivness from Derek for sleeping with Addison while they were still married. Even though he was in love...
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hallo all!

I've been thinking about the weird storylines we're getting in season 5. George constantly MIA (I wonder if anyone will notice he's gone...), Derek Shepherd is suddenly depressed because of a patient he lost, McSteamy and Little Grey are getting it on, Cristina and Owen could be happy together but noooo, and Callie keep on ranting about Arizona. Seriously?! .
Then there's one meer storyline, the most absurd of them all.. yes, u guessed it right, Izzie Stevens! Not only does she first sleep with a ghost, but then she isn't able to diagnose herself, so she asks the interns (who...
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posted by CiaraT
Who is better

McDreamy because he looks better with age.
McSteamy because he is a young pup.

McDreamy because he is traditional.
McSteamy because he is out with the old and in with the new.

McDreamy because he is dedicated to his relationships.
McSteamy because he sleeps round so I have a better chance of sleepin with him.

McDreamy because he is a gentleman.
McSteamy because all the nurses hate him with gives me better odds.

McDreamy because he has eyes that would send u into a deep fairytale dream.
McSteamy because his dark eyes are seriously tempting

McDreamy because of his wavey hair.
McDreamy because...
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posted by JenniferDempsey
The return of Grey’s Anatomy is a little meer than a maand away and even meer Grey’s Anatomy spoilers are starting to surface regarding its new episodes.

Last week, TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello has the latest on what we can expect for Meredith and Derek, as well as some interesting cast notes (and speculation).

This week, the insider has tracked down some scoop regarding another fan favorite, star-crossed Grey’s Anatomy couple - the often maligned Gizzie.

Be forewarned if u want to be totally surprised when Grey’s Anatomy comes back to ABC Thursday, April 24. Follow the jump if you...
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Lets hope this is one big ezel rumour
but according to Buddy TV Katherine Heigl who plays our blond beauty Dr Izzie (Issobel) Stevens wants to leave Grey's to pursue her acting career.

Apparently this has been brought on door her sucess with 27 Dresses & Knocked Up

According to BuddyTV Katie has been begging the writers to kill of her character in a way that will give the toon meer ratings. But she has a contract for the volgende several years with Touchstone & ABC. Would they really let her go?

Supposedly Katie believes she may have "grown out" of Grey's

Is this even true?Do u want that to happen? Do u want her to leave? What would the toon be like without her? Tbh I really dont know.
Previously on Grey's Anatomy, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) had break up sex, Norman Shales (Edward Herrmann) was the world's oldest intern, Thatcher Grey chose Lexie (Chyler Leigh) over Meredith, Richard's (James Pickens) niece knew she was dying, Alex (Justin Chambers) kissed Izzie (Katherine Heigl) but she pulled away, and George (T.R. Knight) told Callie (Sara Ramirez) that he slept with Izzie.

Tonight's Grey's Anatomy picks up right after George's confession to Callie. She simply says that she forgives him. He made a mistake, but they took vows, so she forgives him....
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posted by docarzt
In the tradition of the "Nuts!" campaign that compelled CBS to resurrect Jericho door shipping hundreds of pounds of nuts to CBS's corporate offices, link has begun a movement targeted towards the networks and the AMPTP to urge them, through the nuisance of fan activism, to bring the strike to an end so our favoriete show(s) can verplaats forward.

Our plan is to have fans, as many as we can get, to mail the studio head of their choice a lovely, but very inexpensive, Roller vleet, skate charm. A "Cheap Skate" for a bunch of Cheap Skates.

For this effort to work, we need to bring national attention to it. u can help door digging this article:


And of course telling fans everywhere to visit, sign up, and speak out at link.
posted by izzylovesu28
Okay, everyone say's oh Grey's Anatomy this and Grey's Anatomy that but for what it is worth (nothing to anyone, but everything to me) I really am obsessed with Grey's. I really relate to everyone and I feel as if the toon is real. Every one love's Meredith and Derek and I love them both (especially Derek) but there are some actors who are really sensitive and really catch and toon the emotion of the show. My mom first showed me Grey's Anatomy when I was like 5. I am now 13 and i have watched all 7 1/2 seasons at least 20 times over. When I was like 8 i really stared watching and getting into...
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Because he didn't know her back then. But now he does.
--> Because he's the bad boy and she the sweet model.
--> Because he is jealous when Izzie is with another guy.
--> Because he still had feelings for her
--> Because she didn't want Alex to verplaats in considering their past.
--> Because they're hot.
--> Because they love each other.
--> Because they are friends.
--> Because they both let Cristina of the hook.
--> Because she orders everything he said.
--> Because Izzie is the first one in the hospital that sees that Alex is okay.
--> Because they blew away an eyelash...
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You know you're a Grey's Anatomy fan when...

1. u start McNaming all your McFriends and everything else in your McLife.

2. u don't do anything on Thursdays except watch Grey's Anatomy.

3. u cry when they cry

4. You've decided u want to be a surgeon despite your lack of science skills (mhm, that's me!)

5. u can randomly quote Grey's anytime, anywhere. (haha my vrienden hate it)

6. Seriously. Seriously?! SERIOUSLY!!!!

7. u think it'd be a sin for Meredith and Derek not to be together (it's totally a sin! *ahem Shonda*)

8. u want to cut open Rose with a scalpel (yes please)

9. u cried when...
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"After a six-year Grey’s Anatomy stint marked door almost as many controversies as triumphs, Katherine Heigl is thisclose to getting what she has long desired: a discharge.Sources bevestig to me exclusively that series creator Shonda Rhimes has agreed to release the fast-rising movie ster from her contract. It’s now up to ABC Studios and Heigl’s reps to hachee, hash out a final exit agreement. (A rep for ABC Studios declined to comment. Coincidentally, as of today Heigl is without a publicist.) Why is this all coming down now? That’s where things get interesting…

After taking meer than half of...
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 McCoat Over McBaby?
McCoat Over McBaby?
So, i've been around a few other boards and many seem to mention this. And, i have just gotta agree. The Little details that we would never see, other's did. I would of never noticed these little signs if no-one had mentioned it, but now that i do see the signs, maybe there could be a MerDer baby.

She had her jas over her stomach when she was talking to the cheif in front of the elevator. And then when they were in the Elevator, u can see all these pictures of kids and scans.

In my opinion, i think that its too soon for a baby on the toon for MerDer, beacuse this would mean that the toon would end soon, which i don't want. Clues to a series ending: Step 1, The main couples getting Married (in which they are according to shonda). Step 2, Babies! (which seems likely). Step 3, Living Happily ever after...

So is Meredith really Pregnant?

Tell me what u think.
 McBabies Circled
McBabies Circled
Everything seems to be going wrong for Izzie Stevens. Just when Shonda Rimes tricks us into thinking she has found the perfect man and is finally on the right track, something knocks her back.

The original Izzie & HSCD/DH (Hot Stud Cruelly Dumped/Dumped Her), Alex & Izzie seemed to be great for each other, and had all the right things in common: 1) They're both Hot, 2) They both like doing the nasty-nasty. However, Izzie wasn't enough to wake up Alex' "beast" and it took Olivia Harper to, erm, satsify him.

Here, Alex seems to be a HSCD. Without the Cruelly, heck, he deserved it....
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Ok, I know that there are many Dizzie fans, and I was kinda one of them but this is BEYOND A JOKE! (Sorry, there will be a lot of capitalisation as i am fuming!)

It is such a shame that a completely OUTRAGEOUS, UNBELIEVABLE, INSULTING storyline is used to try to a) attract viewers - sorry, not going to work, my 4yr attachment to this toon is the ONLY reason that I am still watching b) create 'drama'

Denny is DEAD. As in D.E.A.D. As in GONE. As in BURIED IN THE GROUND. While Meredith was dying, there was some relevance to having him there. Plus, it was nice for the characters to acknowledge someone...
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