High school DXD The members of my fanmade clan called The Grimora Clan, Who do u like best? {Abilities, Story & Info is in comments}

Pick one:
Zyrus Grimora ~ King
Saphira ~ Queen
Jason Kanzaki ~ Knight
Diana Melayne ~ Knight
Scorch ~Twilight Knight
Ren Sarue ~ Rook
Sarah Connor ~ Rook
Layla Thorne ~ Twilight Rook
Rachel Grimora ~ Bishop
David Blain ~ Bishop
Damian Grimora ~ Twilight Bishop
Ichiro Grimora ~ Pawn (4 Pieces)
Yuri Rose ~ Pawn (4 Pieces)
Louis Blake ~ Twilight Pawn
All of them
All of them
 NeoNightclaw19 posted een jaar geleden
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