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    “Hugh! Wait up!” Hugh Laurie paused in the middle of taking off his motorcycle helm and looked to see where the voice was coming from. Lisa Edelstein had just gotten out of her car and was striding toward him, a brilliant smile on her face. “Where’ve u been?”
    “…home…” he said, raising an eyebrow. “For the last week of so. Scripts and lines and meetings and trying to work on my book before my publisher comes after me to break my kneecaps…”
    The two of them headed through the parking lot to the set...
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Chatterboxes those two!! Just observe them!!
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Okay so this site hates me and won't let me post a link using the linken so I'll post it here.

I started writing this last week, and u can see the linken below. There are two chapters so far and the third is almost finished. The jist of it is what I think would happen if Lisa came back for the series finale. So don't be afraid to read it and leave commentaren on the posts, they're on my live journal, and anonymous commentaren are enabled so u don't even need an account to comment. I hope u like!

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Good morning ladies!
Here u go with chapter 7, which I hope you'll like just as the vorige ones :) This is a long one :D
Special thanks to my fav editors, @Belle who's incredibly sweet, and @rennie who gave me a few language tips and is a real force of nature ;) I am in love with you, woman...just so u know :P

Previously on December/December:

"A light broke through the window, creeping into the dusk. Not yet…
He lifted his head up searching for her eyes. Her beautiful smile was gone, replaced door a questioning, heartbreaking set of sad, grey eyes.
“Why did u leave me?”

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Shore on Huddy of is this Huli? **SPOILER**

door now we're all familiar with that foto of House and Cuddy (Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein) cozying it up on the beach, taken earlier this summer, but House creator and executive producer David kust-, oever says we shouldn't read too much into the image. "That picture was so deceptive. It's not going to be lovey-dovey, happily ever after," says Shore.
"I think the picture is taken between takes, of the two of them relaxing."

link meer From TVGuide[/url]

Does kust-, oever knows something? xD
posted by SissiSunshiner
Here I am with chapter 2. Are u ready? u sure?

HULI SMUT ALERT! LOL(That's why my mum would never read my fics)

“London Call Part 2”

She felt his warm body holding her tightly. The sweet and at the same time bitter flavour of his breath on her neck. The rhythmic gestures of their hips in that sensual dance. She closed her eyes and was taken away door the memories.

It was nearly 2 in the morning when she finally opened the white wooden door. He walked in still holding her hand. Hugh smiled and made his way in the living room. She walked behind him slowly, taking short steps.

All of a sudden...
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posted by tabbyhearts
AN: hallo guys!
So, I kind of died on the Huli spot, but I'm here! And I have a Huli fanfic...kind of. I was daydreaming in Biology one day, and ended up with this.

Anyways, here we go - first Huli fanfic!


She was as guilty as hell and she knew it.

Had falling in love been a crime, she'd be in jail for life and the afterlife. Lisa never really meant to fall, she never wanted to.

Wait. No. Back up.

What the hell was she saying. Everyone wanted to fall in love with Hugh Laurie. How could they not? He was a British actor with great talent and a sense of humor.

But this was worse. It was considered...
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posted by huddyforever
This is a random oneshot that I came up with in like 5 hours so yeah:)

Tonight was a vos, fox party…again. Lisa didn’t mind them it’s just that sometimes they get really boring and it seems that everyone but she is having fun. The only time she has fun at those things is when Hugh comes. He can always bring a smile to her face. The party was at 7:00 and it was now 6:00. ‘It starts in my toes. Makes me crinkle my nose. Wherever it goes, I always know. That u make me smile. Please stay for a while.’ Her phone’s ringtone sounded. She slid her phone open and looked at the text she had just...
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posted by huddyforever
Hugh drove with one hand on the wheel and the other interlocked with her hand. He loved Jo but it was a different love. It was love for raising his children when he couldn’t be there. It was a love of supporting him when he was down. A love for accepting him after he cheated for the first time. He loved Lisa differently. Jo took a small space in his hart-, hart but Lisa took up his whole heart. She was his world and it made it even better that they had created life together.

“Here we are.” He zei turning into the driveway of his home. Jo had just come to the states to visit Hugh 2 days ago....
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posted by douglas80
((I love HULI and i love HUDDY! So I decided to write a new fanfic for u guys and hopefully you´ll enjoy it………))

“One dag we´ll be together.”
“Maybe, one day.”, she smirked a little.
“I need time to talk about me, you, us.”
“Yeah, I know that. But there´s too many to talk about. So, how long should I be waiting before u start talking?”
He shook his head. “I´m afraid.”
Softly yet gentle she touched his cheek.
“Don’t be. It´s me.”
He closed his eyes. Tried to speak but can´t. He enjoyed her touch so much. Then she leaned her forehead against his. There lips were...
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