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What's this? Two updates in one day? It's madness, I tell you, madness! Mwa hahahahahaha...

    Lisa’s eyes smarted as she got out of her car, the wind irritating them even further. Bypassing her trailer entirely, she went straight to wardrobe and changed back into the clothes Cuddy had been wearing at the end of Under My Skin, stalling for time. But suddenly, on her way back out, she stopped in her tracks and turned around slowly, looking at the rack of House’s clothes, all the hangers dated and labeled for easy access. The suit Hugh was slated to wear for the day’s...
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posted by huddyforever
Lisa nd Hugh just sat there staring at eachother in the mirror. “Well. I don’t know what to say.”Lisa said. “Lisa, are u Ok doing this?” He asked her. The stylist was now done and both of them got out of the chairs. Lisa sighed and put her hand on Hugh’s shoulder. “I’ll be fine.” She zei a little plainly not believing herself. “Are u going to be fine?” She continued. Hugh gave a charming smile and in his brilliant British voice said, “Yeah, I’ll be fine.” And then they smiled at eachother and proceded through the doors and out the hallway. Cameras golore and...
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Video Huddy, Spoilers saison 7 et 6. Les personnages sont la propriété de la série Dr House. Enjoy =)
lisa edelstein
hugh laurie
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I know, I know, I've been missing for an awful lot of time. Forgive me. *headdesk* Work and study kidnapped me, chewed me up and threw my bones away xD I am back now, sort if someone's still hanging around for volgende chap, let me know, alright? I know, some of u might find this fic prolonging forever tiring much. I am sorry, again, I have too much in my plate right now. Even my personal life is getting messy...I am moving out these days. Sort of. Well, my mom doesn't know I am yet, that might turn out weird :P

Anyway, I'll make u a deal this time. New Chap geplaatst on FP door Sunday night, what do u say? And then I'll try to deliver one each week. I mean it can't go on forever, we have almost done with it. Just, IDK, 4 of 5 chaps left, I think, the way I have planned it. What do u say? Let me know.

Love u much.
Miss u more.
Wish them two back together even more.
As usual.

posted by maverickangel35
The final installment...

If y'all wanted to really make it an Event, u could go back and read from the beginning... since it's been, I don't know... at least a jaar ago! Wow. Time flies. And I've missed u guys...


    The door swung open and Lisa levitated what felt like three feet out of her skin. Robert glared at them both.
    “Lisa. Hugh. Get your asses out here
right now and go home!” Muttering under his breath he walked away, heading for his car. “Making perfectly innocent bystanders park themselves outside of bathrooms, lie to the faces...
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posted by maverickangel35
Previously, on Just Friends...

    It wasn’t Lisa.
    A very similar accent floated back at him, a voice he had not heard in some time…
    “James. Have u finished for the night?”
    Hugh’s voice nearly cracked, and he tensed his diaphragm as hard as it would go to stop it. “Jo. I didn’t know u were—what are u doing here?”


    Lisa turned off the water in the douche and leaned her forehead against the wall, letting tiny rivulets drip down out of her hair onto her shoulders,...
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posted by maverickangel35
Ok... had really hoped to be able to make the big 4-0 some kind of wonderful earth shaking chapter, but alas, it was not to be... also, I'm sorry it's so short, but geez was it hard to write!

    Quite a few hours later, Hugh entered his trailer and collapsed on his divan, bank in complete and total exhaustion. The scenes had gone well, he knew, but it had taken meer tries than it usually did. David and Katie were eager to attribute it to the end of the season and “senioritis,” if u want to call it that… Hugh knew better. And then, Robert had caught him after they...
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posted by maverickangel35
A note from the author: I would just like to say what a pleasure it is to write for such wonderful... kind... understanding people as u all are. I bow to you.
    “Jesus, Lisa!” He burst out, sitting straight up in bed. “I am fully aware of what I am! Do u honestly think that I would be doing this—saying these things—if I had a choice? I’ve tried to stay away from you. I’ve tried to stay angry with you—I’ve even tried to ignore you, and u just won’t go out of my mind.” He breathed hard, laying back down. He could hear Lisa’s breath grow...
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posted by Noeloe
Is this a quick update of what?;) Thanks for your reviews!

‘Mmmm’, Lisa almost moaned as she took another bite of her curry. Hugh smiled, ‘You want me to leave u two alone for a minute?’ Lisa smirked, ‘It’s just so good, I could eat this every day.’ ‘Well than maybe we can come back here another time, like one of our Thursday nights.’ Lisa nodded and smiled, she was happy that he apparently still wanted to spend his Thursday nights with her. She had been a little scared that if he got a girlfriend they couldn’t do that anymore. ‘Is your kerrie good too?’, Lisa smiled....
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posted by Noeloe
Hey! Thank u so much for your reviews!
For this chapter; a little Hugh and Lisa cutiness, but also a new woman entering the picture...

‘Hey Liz!’, Hugh called Lisa as Stephen had just left. ‘Hey, so… you’re ready to go shopping yet?’ ‘Yeah, Stephen just left so…’ ‘Okay, u guys have fun?’ Hugh laughed, ‘Yeah, he kept grilling me about my love life though which I thought wasn’t that funny, anyway… I was thinking that maybe it would be handy if u picked me up with the red car?’ ‘Yeah, sure… I’ll be there in 10 then.’ ‘ ‘kay, see u in 10…’

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hallo everyone! I just want to say that I left this spot for a while b/c I stopped believing, but than my unconscience didn't agree with me, so here I am again. This is going to be a very short multi-chap, meer like a one-shot spleet, split in pieces (simply b/c I don't have the time to write more). Don't expect to much from it, just well... enjoy

Lisa heard her phone ring and immediately panicked as in all the chaos of this afternoon she couldn’t remember where she put it. She was trying to hear where the sound was coming from, but with Eileen on her arm that wasn’t the easiest thing.

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I have no idea how many chapters I am going with this. Just a little fun in light of the recent pictures and videos that have kept us so entertained this past week. I hope u all enjoy.

Shooting had just ended for the cast of House in preparation for the People’s Choice Awards that night. Lisa Edelstein was getting her last minuut hair and make up touches done before jumping in the limo and heading to the awards ceremony. Olivia sat volgende to her getting primped as well.
“So how is your ankle?” Olivia asked.
“Not bad but I have to wear flats. They found some cute ones so I should be ok.”...
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