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posted by iceprincess7492
We danced under the moonlight
Just u and I
The world was ours
Only for the night

We twirled beneath the starry sky
u held me close and tight
Not wanting to let go
Not wanting me to disappear

The muziek played for only two
We danced like never before
Cherishing our love
With the time we had

Our time to be together had ended;
u lived on Earth, I in Heaven
And yet, it seemed as if
We were always meant to be

With tears in our hearts
And love in our eyes
Our lips met
Warm against cold

We danced one last time
One spirit one being,
A mismatched impossible pair
Still, full of love

In the end
u looked at me
I gazed back
And our hands touched

Not even death
Could keep us apart
Each time i vanished
I returned to u again

Another night, another day
Time was running out for you
Soon we would be together,
Forever and always.
posted by iceprincess7492
The first straal, ray of sunlight burst through the darkened sky past the grey clouds that had finally ceased their douche of heavy rains. It was a good sign, the girl thought as she parked her car on the straat and taking her portemonnee from the zitplaats, stoel volgende to her, locked the car and headed across to a row of boutiques that were lined up volgende to each other stretching for half a block. She passed door the first several shops on her left without paying attention to the names; it was when she reached the 7th koop on that straat did she finally pause and turn to look at the name printed on the glass window –...
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posted by iceprincess7492
"Just believe in what you're saying, and if u don't then fake it."

A friend gave me this advice a few days before I had to give a presentation in class, my first one in front of a good thirty students and I was nervous like hell. I have stage fright and I was sure to mess up, but when I heard this advice, I thought to myself that if I can believe in my words then I can do it... if not, like it says, faking also works! Turns out, not only did that advice help me with the first presentation, its helped me out with everything that came after it too. I listened to the advice and I'm almost completely...
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posted by iceprincess7492
I have always been invisible
Hiding behind curtains
Away from the spotlight
Never realizing when the folds began
To embrace me into their world.

Being the center of attention
Was never my intention
Each time I got dragged into the light
I ran to the shadows letting myself get caught
In the darkness.

Then came the day,
When a miracle took place.
An angel appeared before my eyes,
Who was my savior; to bring the shadow to light
And be the shining ster in my everlasting night

It surprised one and all to see a shadow turn bright,
But it was a miracle that did not exist;
Soon I would know that a shadow
Always remains...
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posted by iceprincess7492
The night had finally come,
The time was coming near,
A hundred days,
A hundred nights,
Of waiting for you,
And now, u were here.

Standing volgende to me,
But not looking at me.
Speaking to everyone,
But not talking to me.
Something cracked within me,
Something died inside of me.

But I was brave,
And I was strong.
I would not let this affect me,
I would not let u hurt me.
How could I blame you,
When u barely knew me?

They say the hart-, hart is strong,
I say they are wrong,
One look at you,
One smile only for me,
Was always enough
To turn my hart-, hart to mush

Seconds turned to minutes,
And minuten into hours,
Yet, nothing would...
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posted by iceprincess7492
I saw u standing under the sunlight,

As clear as a crystal shining bright,

The distance between us was a hundred feet,

Yet when u turned, our eyes did meet.

I felt my hart-, hart beat rising,

It was as if I were flying.

The volgende thing I knew u were before me,

And in your eyes I could finally see

The love u felt for me

The love which was not meant to be.

Looking into those eyes showed what was true

I now knew what u had come to do.

Not to say I love you,

Though I would say I love u too.

u came to say goodbye,

For it is your time to die.

The tears never came,

But I know life is a cruel game.

u left me too soon,

How can anyone say life is a boon?

I wish u could stay,

Until my dying day,

Then I would be with you

Even after our lives were through.
posted by iceprincess7492
It was a beautiful summer’s day, the trees seemed to be dancing in the breeze, the birds were chirping softly and even the sun was shining brightly. The island was full of hustling and bustling tourists enjoying a well deserved vacation; along with them was a big group of people who had come to the island to celebrate the wedding of their two best vrienden who were getting married on one of the most romantic spots ever, the Maui beach.

There were at least fifty close vrienden and family assembled on the beach, each of them eagerly awaiting the arrival of the bride. A soft purple carpet was laid...
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posted by iceprincess7492
The sun was hidden behind the clouds, it had started raining heavily an uur ago; it was now lesser but not quite a drizzle yet. Everyone was enjoying the welcoming weather from inside their homes; well almost everyone. There was one person who was enjoying the rains outside of her home. She was a young girl of 22 who was standing in her backyard with her arms spread wide as the raindrops poured on her, leaving her drenched from head to toe. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling as she started to whirl around taking in the wonderful feeling of being wet in the rain.

Someone called out to...
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