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If u missed part 6, here's the link to it---->link

Let's continue....

Right after Zim and Larua were done calling the tallest.....

Larua: So Zim, do u know what the happy boy's name is?

Zim: Hmmm. u know, I never got around to that.

Larua: Well, should we just give him a name?

Zim: Maybe we can ask him. The happiness probe fell off his head when he turned into an Irken. He may be intelligent enough to tell us his name.

Larua: Hmmm. I guess I'll go ask him. Hey, ummm, Irken boy?

Irken(happy)boy: Huh?

Larua: I was just wondering, what is your name?

Irken(happy)boy: My name is Megoy. I know it's...
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take the time to read this.

so, my name is Ruth AKA Ruby. as u can see, I deleted my account (silvaria_fan23) for about 2 yrs ago, I have no idea but it's been a long time I have. anyways, at the time there was fights and dramas in this club but there was fun and good moments too, I had family here but now we have moved on with our lives to highschool and shit. & ofcourse, I would do stupid shit but what did I expect? I was small, lol. I was about 12 when I started fanpop, and I remeber I would pair up my very first OC with DIB of ZIM, pretty stupid huh? then I deleted my account when...
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she walked into a weapon store with her disguise on a a lil 4 jaar old girl she saw a lot of human stuff she saw a man and zei with a adorable face " excuss mwe can i have a humwan stuff" the man zei " oh u want a weapon im sorry cutie but your to lil to have one" "hehe sucker" she heard what he zei and got so mad and screamed so hard that the weapons started to fall then a axe fell and chopped the mans head .... she walked and picked it up she saw axe on the front and looked at the dead man and she zei " i kill humwans with axe"...... she walked up the cliff and saw a boom a leaf fell on top, boven of her head and got mad so she chopped the boom like cutting tomatoes and looked and was happy with the axe door her side she was unstoppable... And thas was born of the curious, and psychodic misty ... now u know how she got on earth
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There has been quite a bit of sexual harassment on this club as well as this whole site. I have reported sevral commentaren that were sexual harassment. And yes, Giving people a hard time about their sexual prefrence is sexual harassment. It's also wrong. Really, what does it matter if he likes guys of she likes girls, of he likes both? Love is love no matter where u find it. If u would like to kom bij the fight in standing up for gay rights, there are many things u can do. u can pristisipate in a dag of silence for the homosexuals on April 19th, door duct taping your mouth and handing out...
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How long has it been since a new episode came out? Months!? Has one even come out in

Well, to make up for that lost time, there will
be a barrage of brand new Invader Zero episodes
at the Invader Zero fan club! Be there! I'm
gonna go write one now!

Chapter Three, Jen's Secert.

It's been a maand since I've started hanging out with Jen. Me and her are really close vrienden now. Me, Gaz, and her eat lunch together, we all hang out after skool. But she still won't let me walk her home. It's like she's trying to hide something from me. The volgende dag after skool, I followed her too her house. I know, I know I'm horrible for spying on her. But... I have to know what she is hiding from me. I finally get to her house and it's... it's just a small shake... it looks really run down. But... why is she living here? Is her family poor of something? I...
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My legs, now mostly scabbed over, still burnt heavily. But I continued, hurtling over the giant plumes of fiery pain. brand had never hurt me before, probably because I was so attuned to it. So tackling that obstacle had been easy as pie. But volgende was my most feared challenge. A cage full of experiments. Every single one would no doubt be bloodthirsty and out for revenge. Even they had feelings. And I'm sure being turned into such beasts rubbed them the wrong way. I crawled over, weary and seeing double. Dizziness struck my mind like a hammer, making everything extremely hard to do. The world...
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My message: okay, the picture u geplaatst came straight from my DA account. Its my photography. Why did u steal it? I took the picture myself and u just geplaatst it here. Then your accepting compliments from people when it's not even your art! I'm very upset door this! Why did u steal MY photography?!


I would like u guys to write her each a response letter. Im so pissed right now, I'm actually acting civilized.
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Zim: Hey, StarBurst! Come to your master!

SB: Yes, Master Zim?

Zim: *putting on his human boy look* I'm going on a date, I'll be back later.

SB: WHAT!?! 0_0 WHO!?!

Zim: I'm going out with Mar, do your chores, keep gir under control, keep the dib pig out of my lab.

(door klok, bell rings)

Zim: *answers the door*

Mar: *hugs Zim* HEY!

Zim: So, are u ready to go?

Mar: u BET!

SB: *glares at Mar* >_<....

Mar: Ah! So, this is your maid?

Zim: Yes, I did not like her at all at first, but as time passed, she's a good kid.

Mar: *tryes to shake her hand*

SB: *does not shake her hand, glares more*

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This all began one normal afternoon, on the remains of an Irken Science Lab. Negative Zero and Negative Z-9 were sitting on a shattered desk, remembering life before the DNA feedback.

''I have to kill Zero, it's the only way I can return to my normal self. Even though I sense I have vast amounts of new power, that doesn't make up for the appearance. It angers me, Negative Z-9, of Metris, as u used to be.'' Negative Zero lectured.

''I know whatcha mean...'' Negative Z-9 replied. Negative Zero was so livid about his new body, he was almost in tears. Negative Z-9 however, didn't care as much,...
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"JAUNGA QUICK! COME ON!" i felt two hands rip me from the dream.
"ERGH COME ON WERE UNDER ATTACK!" i opened my eyes to lits shaking me ragged. i listened for a spleet, split seconde only to hear screams and turmoil outside.
"RUN RUN RUN!!!" finally i jumped out of bed. my eyes wanted to close again but an attack needed to be tended to.
"whos attacking?!" i asked. my throat had finally opened up enogh for me to speak.
"one irken. only one!" he said. the thought that one irken could cause that much panic and insanity was near impossible.
"your kidding me right?! i mean seriously! one irken!?" i confronted...
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"jaunga GREETO! how did the ritual go?" my friend lisk asked.
"greeto lisk! it went well!" i replied remembering nashanis warning not to tell anyone.
"did she speak to you?" he asked. i could tell he suspected something he often knew what was going on.
"no not this time. sadly... but anyway how are you?" i said, trying to change the subject.
"fine fine. well i must be off i have a meeting with someone." he zei and waved as he walked off. i wanted to say something but i didnt want doom.
"oh no not poor mr. salidia. whats the problem?" i zei and looked at mr. salidias crumpled old body.
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the world spins with lives out of balance. people only focus on disguist and malace. the rich sit on thrones in there own person palace. while the poor beg for shoes to lessen the callus. the world is gone the lives of innocent taken and the guilty left to rest. why?

the rush of air, the cool cool breeze the feeling of life, the gras on my knees. the light of summer dances on the shade. i think to myself "ive got it made."

a dag like no other a feeling so sweet. the tender of this moment like the freshest cut of meat. the lights swirl around becoming obsolete i focus on your love and the words of which u speak
hello everyone i will give my drawing award to the big winner there are 3 places with prizes and the are 1,2,3 and remeber when u make your piture say itz for the invaderzimemo awards ok u and i bet your asking HOW TO WIN well i will tell u u draw a picture and say its for the invaderzimemo awards and the picture can be about any thing and it has to be a new picture not a old and i hope u enter because everyone who enters GETS A compliment and remeber all u have to do to enter IS LEAVE A commentaar so i hope u can do a picture.
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1. running in circles and then raming your heaad into something lol 2.warch invader zim 3. eat so much suger andthen u cant sleep 4. going online 5. cutting your self 6. playing sports 7. talk on the phone 8. trying to ride a 2 wheeler (this is for if u cant ride a z wheeler) 9. being with your vrienden 10. doing your own style (my style is emo and goth) 11. watch a movie 12 write a poem 13. read a manga 14. go to the pool 15. not going to school 16. spin around in circles and see what happens 17. meet someone new 18. plz commentaar on this article!!!!!!!!