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There I sat, in the Kirosaki house, with Karin and yuzu. I didn't like yuzu much, too bright too happy. I was really only here for Karin. Karin Kirosaki. She was the girl I was tutoring in fractions. I did however like her spirit, she was dark and mean. Karin was like
Me. But we shared meer than just having dark souls, we both had the power. Both Karin and I could see spirits. But I was meer powerful than just seeing them. A lot meer powerful. 
"so, what's the vraag again?" I asked. Karin huffed and then began to read. 
"if u have three fourths pounds of carrots and five eighths pounds...
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 After being shot door IDD
After being shot by IDD

Zero: That damn Lard Nar...I wish I knew how to get Kierra back.

Zero gets a new message and reads it.

Zero: "Dear Zero, if u want the girl back, just meet me in the dark ally at midnight. u can bring that robot of yours but it will do u no good. Signed Lard Nar.". He will regret taking my friends.


Zero and Z-9 walk in.

Z-9: Any burritos down here?

Zero: No, Z-9, we're saving our friends, remember?

Z-9: Oh yeeeeaaaahhhhhhhh.......

Lard Nar: So, I see you've made it.

Zero: I want my vrienden back!

Lard Nar: If u want them, you'll have to fight...
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