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Jaden Smith is 11yrs old and he is hot.His parents are Will Smith the ster of Hitch and Jada Pinkett Smith.His sister is Willow Smith singer of Whip my hair and she stars in Imagine That.I am 10yrs old and I am very talented. I have had Principal's Honor Roll since K-5th grade. I have 5 trophies 1 for tap dancing,1 for ballet,2 for Principal's Honor Roll,and 1 for piano.When I grow up I want to be a doctor.I will do well in school and please my family.I hope to meet u someday.If u ever get this letter please write back ,and tell me about yourself.CONGRATULATIONS!!!on your new movie.I hope u and your family have a blessed day.My name is Taylor Gladney.
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Just wanted to post a new video since not many are posting anything decent lately.
jaden smith
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