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B4 u read my idea u should read where I got my idea from. It's is door the auteur Qire.

Louie healed Jean's shoulder before he took her back. "Why? Tell me why. What did I do?" Jean cried as he eased her tear streamed face into his own shoulder. Louie only tightened his grip, his emotions far too hot to be comforting. On his arrival to her apartment they were confronted door a well dressed young woman with a warm smile that turned into concern as they neared. "Is everything alright?" Louie nodded. " Just a little over tired. That's all. Excuse us." The young woman stepped aside, but did not...
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P.B. woke with an ice pack surrounding her head. Her eyes barely able to see as the swelling had yet to go down. There was a tell tail sound of the puff-puff as the silencer and then a body....no two. Assaulted her ears, P.B. swallowed hard. "I'm so sorry baby,but why couldn't u have behaved?" P.B. shrank away from his thick bourbon stench."You gave me no choice." Her voice wobbled out of her bruised and cut lips.
Voro sighed heavily and sat across from her.
"Perhaps, but I love you, and my love is not so easily given. When I do, it is demanding. All consuming and it makes me volatile." P.B....
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Jamie sent her crew out on orders as she sensed trouble moving in. Of course she went out to meet it alone. The place was peaceful with trees and a deep and stream that bubbled playfully. Hell she could hear the bees a couple of trees back and saw a fine patch of flowering clover just ripe to pick for either making wine of medicine The only problem was that at its back was a cliff face. A most perfect place to corner your prey. She made her hair shorten as she tied a handkerchief over it. As she smelled the horses coming closer, her basket was out on her arm and as she bent down to pluck a...
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Jamie rubbed her eyes as she sat at the bureau on an oversized hoofdkussen, kussen that she'd had to ask for as an actual chair seemed too much to come up with. At that thought her hand caught brand as it did whenever she was perturbed. In this case it was nearly non-stop.
As for the treaty....it was now as tall as the table. Not meer then maybe 2 feet if that. Even though it had been meer then 3000 years she still remembered all the problems from her father's time and her own....she sagged. Not many had ever been solved. The Living Realm had been worse, women had less of a say and treated less then a prized...
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His hair was the color of the darkest abyss of space shattered with streaks of gleaming comets. His face stern and white with a moonlight glow and he walked as he led, calm and controlled.As if the very air dared not exist without his say so. Those he hunted could not hide from his steady sword of earthbound release. His name was reaper.
She was born of flame, seductive, passionate, part guardian and destroyer. Hair of Life, Soul of many, . Her face warm and gentle to all those who saw her. She walked with a light but heavy step as many years passed, she never did. She led none, but herself...
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Orihemia looked at the immobile Jamie on Unohana's bed. Jamie's darkness, her lonliness, her depression was so deep so black it was meer then frightening. It had reached out to her invading her, only the slap of Unohana had saved her from being taken over. "She's past all our help. Her body is freezing itself because of it. She has been in so much pain for so long, she has gegeven up all hope. Orihemia what did u say before I hit you?" Byakuya answered instead. "She misses him." Unohana nodded."Yes at the core of all her pain is the boy she loved. Weather he abandoned....."
Byakuya stood up...
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If some of u actually come across my stories and start to read them u will notice some do not have any real connection to the continuing story. As I have learned in the past. Pen and pencil tend to fade away on paper of anything else u write on. So I come here and write it on a screen and send it out as a pop fly into the audience instead of a home pagina run.. Don't know if I'll use them of trash them, I just want to make sure if I burn out and leave the story for awhile I have some record of it somewhere I can still read it. I have tons of paper at home pagina in 20 gallon totes at least 2 of meer and 5 years in and can no longer read due to the fading. So I hope u thoroughly enjoy my scribbles in case I end up having a bad case of multiple personalities due to the people I have living inside my poor drooling brain. Probably why I have terrible spelling and punctuation at times. At least I think I do. Never did get higher then a C average in English.
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