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Lorax: The Movie Your fave is....

19 fans picked:
The Oncler
The Greedler
 ainsleyr4827 posted een jaar geleden
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ainsleyr4827 picked The Oncler:
i added this coz there is a lot of oncie and greedie fan peps!!
posted een jaar geleden.
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BellaBlueEyes13 picked The Oncler:
Well I actually like both of them
posted een jaar geleden.
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aquagirl445 picked The Oncler:
I prefer the once-ler cause he is soo adorable!
posted een jaar geleden.
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EgoMouse picked The Oncler:
Both, but Once-ler had more screentime so.....lol.
Greed-ler (yeah, they're the same person lol) had a song and a bit of screentime after that.
posted een jaar geleden.