films Favoriete Stripper Role?

Pick one:
Salma Hayek as Santanico Pandemonium in "From Dusk Till Dawn"
The men of "Full Monty"
Jessica Alba as Nancy Callahan in "Sin City"
Rose McGown as kers-, kers-, cherry Darling in "Grindhouse"
Demi Moore as Erin Grant in "Striptease"
Lindsay Lohan as Aubrey Fleming in "I Know Who Killed Me"
Elizabeth Berkley as Nomi Malone in "Showgirls"
Natalie Portman as Alice in "Closer"
Daryl Hannah as Angel in "Dancing at the Blue Iguana"
Rosario Dawson as Mimi in "RENT"
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Natalie Wood as Louise in Gypsy
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Vanessa Ferlito as Alene/Butterfly in Grindhouse-Death Proof
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none of those thats a dumb vraag
none of those thats a dumb vraag
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Kristen Stewart as Mallory in Welcome to the rileys
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