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posted by check-it-out13
1. The five members of One Direction are Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik.

2. To hire One Direction out for one night, it would cost over £21,000!

3. Each member of One Direction applied as solo contestants on X-Factor, but failed to qualify for the Boys category. They were then put together as a group.

4. One Direction starred in a series of TV ads and events for Pokémon Black and White.

5. Liam Payne Appeared on The X-Factor in 2008. He made it through to the judges houses.

6. Harry's full name is Harry Edward Styles. His Twitter is @Harry_Styles.

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posted by tigressissupper
I will never forget the time I tickled Harry Edward Styles. It all started at their consort in Jacksonville. They just Finnish there last song what makes u beautiful Liam was about to make an announcement. "Today we are gonna do something we haven't done before" he says in the micro phone. "We are gonna let one fan spend a couple of days with us" zei Zayn. Everyone went nuts "pick me pick me" people scream. Harry says "we will use the spotlight to pick". "Yea" say Nail ask the spotlight picks a fan. It lands on me "OMG" I scream "Congrats u get to spend a few days with one Direction" Louis...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
Dannyel's P.O.V

i woke up seeing ruby not in her room. i looked around the flat and saw her out-side in the yard. she was practicing in the yard. poor thing never looked this stressed out. she was kicking the ball around and throwing the ball. i walked out. "hey rubs come inside and calmn down a bit" i zei gesturing her to the door. she shrugged me off and continued kicking the ball. "come on rubs" i zei waiting for her to come". "NO!!" she yelled leaving me stunned. i walked inside hurt. she was really stressed. i texted harry.

Me: pls come ruby is really stressed i think she might need some...
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Starting Fresh,Starting New,With You?!

How the hell did I just do this again?! I always get seduced and always come back to them. Liam was sad,but was pretty happy that I went back with Liam. I don't know why he's sad. He zei "I'm happy that u two are back together and I'm glad that u guys are happy" So we all took that as an okay from him. All the others were going wild about it. Especially Harry.
"Can we fall one meer time?" Harry sang
I sighed,staring at Harry,"We did,Harry"
"I know. I'M JUST FLIPPING EXCITED! EWW! I sound like a fucking girl!" Harry screamed
"Yes,you do sound like a girl"...
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posted by canal
sorry it's been a few days but i've been in bed sick, but i'm better now so that means an extra long part today :)

Mendy woke up to the tv turning on and the smell of coffee. "You awake" some one asked knocking on the door. "Yeah" Mendy replied. "May i come in?" the person asked. "Yes u may" Mendy zei walking over to her drawers. "Small room" Madison zei walking into Mendy's room. "Yeah, well Louis zei he thought i might want to sleep alone" Mendy said. Madison sat on Mendy's bed looking away as Mendy slipped down Louis' red pants and took of his striped shirt. Mendy put on some clothes...
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 Baby I, I wanna know
What u think when you're alone
Is it me yeah ?
Are u thinking of me yeah ? Oh
We've been vrienden now for a while
Wanna know that when u smile
Is it me yeah?
Are u thinking of me yeah ? Oh oh

Girl what would u do
Would u wanna stay ?
If I were to say

I wanna be last, yeah
Baby let me be, oh, let me be your last first kiss
I wanna be first, yeah,
Wanna be the first to take it all the way like this
And if youuuuuuu, only knewwwwww
I wanna be last, yeah
Baby let me be your last 
Your last first kiss

 Baby tell me what to change
I'm afraid u run away...
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-Before I start, let me say that I own none of this, all rights to Seventeen Magazine. Interview door Ashley Mateo.-

Zayn, 19, says he lives door the motto ''Don't worry about other people; do what makes you happy.'' But he remains super-loyal to the other guys in the band, his girlfriend and, of course, his values.

17: You've got a rep as the ''bad boy'' in the band. How does that make u feel?

Zayn Malik: I like to use the term misunderstood. But I am a bit of a bad boy. I have tattoos and I mess around. That's part of my image, so it's cool.

17: u recently went public with your girlfriend. Was...
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Harry got dressed into his black and yellow swimming trunks and his brown american eagle sandals. He wore a halsketting, ketting and a bracelet Janine gave him a while back. He wore his black and green plaid overhemd, shirt unbuttoned revealing his washboard abs.


Janine- Harry u look great.
Harry hugs Janine. She could feel his hard stomach against her body. Harry kisses the top, boven of Janine's head.
And then a horn honks.

Harry- I guess that's our ride.
Janine- Ok

Harry Lifts Janine off the ground and twirls her. He opens the door and leads her down the stone pathway into Liam's car

Janine- Do u really always...
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It was July mid dag I was walking home pagina from school when I bumped into my ex his names dax he cheated on me with my friend her names Madison well she didn't want to but they were both drunk but when he wouldn't stop texting her I broke up with him anyways he would bully me everyday before I broke 4 of his ribs 1 of his legs and both of his arms so now he thinks I'm freaky so he tries to avoid me and any of my vrienden and most defenitly stays away from my brother Zayn he is awesome but a little over protected he took me to the hospital when I skinned my knee because he thought I was going to...
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posted by NvrShoutNvr4evr
Niall Horan Fanfic Chapter 12: One Step at a Time
    I was so excited that I could stay. I went into my room and unpacked my bags, and then I laid down and fell asleep. The volgende morning I had to get straight up to go to the venue where the concert would be held. I woke up with Niall’s arms wrapped around me. I got up took a douche and got dressed. Niall was awake door then and he cooked me breakfast.
“Morning baby cakes.” He said.
“Morning.” I replied kissing him on the cheek.
“I made u breakfast.” He zei smiling.
“I noticed.” I zei back.
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Part 2: A trip to the beach.

Bella’s POV:

I was preparing for the trip to the strand with Niall. It was a long time since I last went to somewhere to take a rest. I had been studying very hard so I thought I should go out for a few days. When I was arranging the suitcase, I realized that I didn’t have any new bikinis. The only one I had didn’t fit me any longer. That was suck because I wanted to swim and go sunbathing. I was reluctant to go to ask Hannah. She was trying to put as many fashionable and sexy clothes as possible. I asked shyly:
“Hannah, can u please lend me one of your bikinis?”...
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            *    *    *
Part 3: Shopping.

Zayn’s POV:

We had just arrived at the shopping centre. I was not interested in shopping at all, and I just came to see Bella. I had not met her for just 3 days but I felt like 3 years. I really really missed her. I shouldn’t have these feelings for her but I couldn’t help my feelings. I was even jealous of Niall. Whenever he kissed her, I always wished that were me. That was the love from one sight. I was scared that one dag I would do something to...
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posted by Vampire_Lover97
 Made by: nevenkastar
Made by: nevenkastar
So here starts the new Chapter <3 Enjoy and sorry about grammar <3

I blindfolded her so she couldn't see anything.
''Louis , what are doing?!'' She asked me a bit scared.
''You will see. Just be quite now..'' I took her hand and we went deeper in the forest.
''Louis I am scared , I can't see anything!'' She whisperd me and pinched my hand harder.
''Here we are ...'' I zei and took her blindfold off.

Nena's POV
''Oh God , Am I dreaming?!'' I zei that when I saw beautiful lake in front of me and moonlight illuminates it. It was so magical , I couldn't bealieve...
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X Factor boy band One Direction have announced a tour of the UK in 2013.

The group will play 13 dates starting at London's O2 Arena volgende February.

They will also perform in Glasgow, Cardiff, Belfast, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Nottingham, Birmingham and Newcastle.

One Direction beat off competition from the likes of Adele, Ed Sheeran, JLS, Olly Murs and Jessie J to take the best single prize at this year's Brit Awards in a public vote.

The band is made up of Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson.

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To win just shows how good our...
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